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How to make Loose Powder Kohl

It is a great feel when you do something on our own. What say ladies? It is worth the pride and praise. :). Today I am showing something I made on my own. I inherited this idea from my mother; she obviously inherited the idea from my grandmother; and obviously the idea has been spanning for generations.

The project is DIY loose powder kohl. The loose kohl powder an be easily converted into kajal too. Kohl is universal, and Kajal is typical and traditionally Indian. :)

How to make loose powder kohl+

It is customary here that we light oil lamp for god every day twice, in the morning and evening. The oil lamp is lit in a silver stand using gingely oil. The stand is usually large enough to hold oil that will go on for at least 2 hours.

And, for our agenda of today, the lamp should continuously burn for at least 45 minutes. 

Home made kohl+

You will need:

  • a silver lamp stand,
  • a thick metal plate (preferably silver plate),
  • oil (of your choice),
  • a spoon or blunt knife.


Light the oil lamp. Hold the thick plate to the lamp fire. You will notice the soot getting collected on the plate.
But manually it is not possible to hold the plate in contact with the fire for long. Firstly, the plate gets hot. Secondly, it is not possible to hold the plate still. And this will not do any help in collecting the suit. So, make some arrangement and make sure the plate is in contact with the fire.

How to make loose kohl powder+

I just gave a support of a water container jug. It was of good height and I could leave it undisturbed for one hour.

Home made kajal+

After one hour, remove the plate slowly. Don’t drop the plate by any chance. You will loosen all the soot collected and if it drops off into untidy place, then this project become s huge failure. :P You cannot compromise with the tidiness and hygiene when you are doing something for your eyes. :)

How to make loose powder kohl+

Now, scrap the soot with a clean blunt knife. Also crush the soot to fine powder. Your loose powder kohl is ready. :). The remaining job now is storing.

How to make loose powder kohl+

Collect and store the powder in a metal box case, preferably a silver box. Silver is one of the finest metals used for storing skin care, health care, also beauty care items.

Loose powder kohl package+

Loose powder kohl hand swatch+

Now, to this loose powder kohl in the silver box, if you add half a spoon of almond oil (or any other mild natural oil) and mix well, it will make the traditional glossy kajal. :)

How to make Kajal+

What do you say about this method of preparing Kohl and Kajal. 

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