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Banana in Sugar Syrup

Sugar Syrup reminds of Gulab Jamuns and Bengal famous Rasgulla. But these are not only the sweets relating to sugar syrups, I have a simple 10 minutes recipe with this Sugar syrup. You can prepare this even after your guest arrives.


Take the Recipe of Banana Sugar Syrup

  • Sweet Bananas ( Kerala Bananas are the best)
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Ghee
  • Cardamom Powder
Preparation of Sugar Syrup:
Take one cup of water and add one and half cup of sugar.
Simmer the flame and let it boil until the water produces a thread.
Once the thread is produced, add cardamom powder and keep it to cool down.

Preparation of Banana Sugar Syrup:
Peel the skin of Bananas and slice them into pieces. Let the slice be thin.
Take a Pan and rub it with ghee.
Add sliced banana to the hot pan.  Roast them in low flame by adding ghee whenever required.


Turn them upside down.
Let the colour come to be light brownish.


Now add these sliced roasted bananas into the sugar syrup.

 Leave it for about 10 minutes so that they get mixed well.


Banana Sugar Syrup is ready to be gulped.

The taste comes to be more  sweet with the Kerala Bananas.  Watch this space for more simple recipes :)

Till then stay happy!

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