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Kara Cleansing Wipes with Chamomile extracts Review

The real usage of baby wipes is when you travel. Use a single wipes to clean your baby’s skin and you can simply dispose them. I usually use Himalaya Baby wipes and was happy with it. Since it was out of stock I had to choose this Kara Cleansing Baby Wipes.

 Claims of Kara Cleansing Wipes with Chamomile extracts:

Cleanse your baby's delicate skin without harming it with Kara Baby Care Cleansing Wipes. Features: 100 % natural and biodegradable wipes, Disinfects and nurtures to protect baby's soft skin, Cleanses, hydrates and deodorizes. Chamomile extract for a touch of nature & Comes as a set of 80 wipes.

Price and quantity: Rs 160 for 80 wipes

Shelf Life: 18 months 

My Experience With Kara Cleansing Wipes with Chamomile extracts:


It comes in a opaque plastic cover with a opening at the centre. The opening is glued which can be sealed and unsealed after its usage. Sealing back the opening is a must because, if the tissues are exposed to air the wetness in it dries away. 


The tissues are white in colour. They are wet tissues, feels like dipped in scented water. The tissue can be easily tear able with a single pull. It helps a lot in cleaning your baby’s delicate skin. Single wipes is sufficient for one clean. No allergies or infections are produced.  

But when I compare Kara baby wipes with my Himalaya Baby wipes, the amount of water content in the tissues are very less. Himalaya Baby wipes oozes out liquid when you rub it whereas this one has moderate amount of water. 

Fragrance: Mild Scent

Pros of Kara Cleansing Wipes with Chamomile extracts:
  • Helps in cleaning baby’s sensitive skin.
  • No allergies
  • Economical and easily available in market
Cons of Kara Cleansing Wipes with Chamomile extracts:
  • The amount of water content is less.
Rating: 3/5

Product wise this is fine, but I would switch back to my Himalaya Baby wipes. 

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