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Lass Naturals Vanilla Fudge and Cinimon Hand Made Bathing Bar Review


Claims of Lass Naturals Vanilla Fudge and Cinimon Hand Made Bathing Bar:

Vanilla Fudge with Cinnamon Soap is a popular soap and loaded with olive and other essential oils. Spicy cinnamon conditions and cleanses skin with its anti-bacterial properties and also offers nourishment. The powdered cinnamon exfoliates and also has therapeutic effect due to the fragrances. The addition of sweet creamy vanilla fudge gives the soap its classic aroma and also has a calming and relaxing effect. Vanilla Fudge with Cinnamon Soap will lift up your mood and leave your skin amazingly smooth. The scent of soap lingers on quite a while after the shower.

Ingredients :
Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Rose Water, Cotton Seed Oil, Sugar, Aloe Vera, Vanilla Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Cinnamon Powder, Jojoba Oil.


Price and Quantity:  Rs 65 for 125g

Shelf Life: 2 years

My Experience with Lass Naturals Vanilla Fudge and Cinimon Hand Made Bathing Bar:


It comes in a simple transparent plastic cover where the bar can be visible from outside. Within the plastic cover exactly at the middle is a paper cover with claims and conditions written. The soap is flat shaped with sharp edges, almost rectangular in shape. 



The soap is light brown in colour, similar to the colour of bamboo. It has tiny blackish granules only at the above layer. These granules are not within the soap. 


This is a unique handmade bathing soap and is an Indian brand. It produces brown oily liquid deposition when exposed to air. But these oil content is not a waste, it itself acts as a soap. The oil deposition too foams with water and can be used for bath. Deposition of oil contents reduces after the soap is used regularly. Foaming and rinsing capacity is great. This soap retained oil making my skin shine ,slippery and dirt free. My face maintained its glow for hours together. 


It gave me so much of freshness, felt like I am dipped inside nature. My husband too washes his face from his return to home :). There is no point of body lotions and moisturizers.

The bar claims to be containing only nature extracts and ayurvedic  product, I too felt it true. No allergies and red patches. 


Wonderful fragrance, you will be smelling of vanilla for long. Also the smell spreads to entire house. My washroom is scented with it these days :).
Thank you Lass Naturals for considering my request . I received this products as a sample item a week ago. 
You can buy it from their official website or ebay.com 

Pros of Lass Naturals Vanilla Fudge and Cinimon Hand Made Bathing Bar:
  • Cleans skin making dirt free.
  • An Hand made ayurvedic product.
  • Wonderful fragrance.
  • Makes skin soft and fresh.
  • Quite economic.
Cons of Lass Naturals Vanilla Fudge and Cinimon Hand Made Bathing Bar:
  • Not easily available in market, you have to shop online.
Rating: 4/5

I loved this Hand made bathing soap, do not miss it. U too will like it :). Thinking to try their soaps of other flavors. 

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