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Vittal Pindi

Vittal Pindi is the most happening festival of Udupi. It is celebrated on the next day of Krishna Janmashtami.

Vittal means Vitthala or Lord Krishna. Pindi is earthern pot filled with milk and curds. Krishna in his child hood days always broke the earthen pot containing milk and curds along with his friends. To mark these childhood pranks, the celebration of Vittal Pindi happens with great excitement at Udupi.

People all over the state of Karnataka travel to Udupi to witness the celebration of Vittal Pindi. Off late there are international visitors too. The celebration is basically breaking the earthen pots with a huge stick. These pots are filled with milk products.

The Vittal Pindi Celebration usually begins in the afternoon at about 2.30 PM from the Krishna Temple. The golden chariot holds the idol of Lord Krishna made of clay throughout the procession.  The procession passes through car-street.

Golden Chariot Procession+festival indian
Golden chariot at the Vittal Pindi procession.

Clay idol of Lord Krishna in the Vittal Pindi procession+udupi krishna
 Clay idol of Krishna on the Golden Chariota.

There will be about 15-20 wooden slanted gopuras built in the car-street around the temple. And the pots are hung from this gopura. The ‘gollas’ who are believed to be from Krishna’s clan, jump to break open the pot with their long sticks. The ‘gollas’ are also known as ‘Yadavas’. A team dressed as Yadavas perform the act of breaking of earthen pot. It is their birth right. This breaking of pots is called as ‘Mosaru kudike’ in local language.

The Paryaya Swami (who worship Lord Krishna at the Matha) throws chakkuli and laddu for the crowd gathered to witness the celebration. The devotees compete with each other to catch hold of the Prasad. The central gopura is decorated with vegetables and fruits. It is from here the Swamiji throws the Prasad.

WWooden Gopuras Built during Vittal Pindi+indian festival
Left: Slanted Gopuras where pots will be broken by Yadavas.
Right: Central ornate gopura where Paryaya Swami will distribute Chakkuli and Laddu.

Yadavas ready for Vittal Pindi Mosaru Kudike
Typical traditionally dressed Yadava.

Yadavas dressed to break the earthern pots+indian
The team of Yadavas breaking open the high hung 
earthen pot filled with milk products.

Huli vesha/Tiger Prowling is the main attraction of this celebration. There are different teams which perform the traditional Tiger dance. It is usually only men who dress up like tigers. They are gifted with garlands of money notes.

Huli Vesha is men dressed in tiger mask and body paint

The team of Huli Vesha
Tiger Prowling Huli Vesha Dance
Image source: 1

After the procession passes on and reaches Krishna Matha, the celebration of Vittal Pindi comes to an end. The clay idol of Lord Krishna is immersed in Madhwa Sarovar. There is again competition among the devotees to pick up the immersed clay idol of Lord Krishna. The excitement and happiness of grabbing Lord Krishna is worth watching. 
Some more pics I felt worth catching. :P

People reach high to witness Huli Vesha and Mosaru Kudike
Reaching new heights to capture the glimpses.

Foreign visitors for Udupi Vittal Pindi
International visitors witnessing the crazy devotees

Street Stalls
Street Stalls

Crazy people waiting to pluck the vegetables and fruits from gopura
Crazy people waiting to pluck the vegetables and fruits from gopura

I hope the pics have made justice to the excitement of the celebration. :)

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