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Sabudana – Bengal Gram Payasa Recipe

I plan to make this week a Week of Payasa. (I hope so. :P). 

Now, I hope you know what is payasa. Payasa is a sweet porridge mostly made of jaggery/sugar syrup and milk/coconut milk . The term payasa is purely South Indian traditional one.

Sabudana Bengal Gram Payasa Desert+Sweet recipe

Today the recipe of one of the payasas is Sabudana – Bengal Gram Payasa.


  • Coconut Milk 2 cups.
  • Sabudana 1 cup
  • Bengal Gram 1 cup
  • Jaggery
  • Pieces of cashew, and raisins
  • Ghee

In a pressure cooker, boil bengal gram with some water.
Meanwhile, in a wide thick pan, add 1 spoon ghee and fry sabudana until they bloat in their size.

Now, In a vessel, add about 4 cups of water and boil. When the water begins to sizzle, add the fried sabudana and lower the flame. Let the sabudana boil in water. Keep stirring at intervals until the sabudana balls boil completely.

By now, Bengal gram would have boiled completely.
In a different vessel, add the boiled Bengal gram and jiggery and heat. The jiggery pieces should dissolve into syrup.

Sabudana Bengal Gram Payasa Recipe+desert

When the sabudana balls have turned transparent, add them along with bengal gram and jiggery. Continue heating over low flame for about 5 minutes, so that all of them blend together.

Add coconut milk and continue to heat for exactly 2 minutes, until it attains the sizzling state. Do not prolong with the heating after coconut milk has been added. It will ooze out oil.

Recipe for Sabudana Bengal Gram Payasa+Indian recipe

Add a pinch of salt  to remove the suppleness.
Then, fry cashew pieces and raisins in ghee, and toss it into the payasa.

Hot hot hot hot Payasa ready to be served. :)

Sabudana Bengal Gram Payasa Desert+Sweet recipe

By the way Happy Ganesh Chathurthi. :)

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