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Lakme Cleanup Face Mask Review

This one is my first face mask from Lakme, loved its attractive colour of the pack and found quite economical. I thought I can review it to all happy ladies and shopped this product.


Claims of Lakme Cleanup Face Mask :

Masks work to soothe your skin at the end of a cleansing routine by tightening and reducing pores. Nourish your face with Lakme Clean-up Nourishing Glow Face Mask as it deposits nourishing nutrients. The absorbing power of clay helps remove excess oil. This mask also helps in de-tanning to give your face a fresh and glowing finish.


Usage: Wet face, Apply the mask evenly on your face and neck and allow to dry. Rinse off with water and pat dry. 

Price and Quantity: Rs 99 for 50g

Shelf life: 24 months


My Experience with Lakme Cleanup Face Mask :

Bright red coloured tube with a shiny transparent cap. Very hygiene and sturdy way a package. The brand name and its claims are written in white and silvery letters which is contrast to red colour. Because of these colour combination the pack looks more attractive.
The cap is a turn round kind off. The tube has a medium sized opening.


The cream is very thick , no chance of oozing out. It is white in colour with a smooth texture, no granules or any dotted particles. It is simply like a clean white soft cream. 

When I used for the first time I ignored the usage directions and applied on dry face. It produced white patches on face and was very difficult to manage it. After splashing water for a very long time, I could get out it :).

So next time I followed the instructions said and applied to my wet face. How different it behaved this time. The cream can be applied evenly to face and the quantity required is just one squeeze. It dries off in about 10 minutes. My face looked bright with healthy complexion. Also my skin remained supple for hours together.



The mask when dried, tightens skin but does not fall off producing powdery pieces and cuts. The dried mask stays completely in your face until you rinse it off. Rinsing looses skin immediately. It cleans away extra oils but I did not find any use of moisturizer. 

I do not know whether it helps removing scars but it gave me a healthy soft skin. 

It smells of strawberry extracts, quite mild.

Pros of Lakme Cleanup Face Mask :
  • Descent travel friendly pack
  • Inexpensive
  • No allergies
  • Gives a supple skin.

Cons of Lakme Cleanup Face Mask :
  • Unable to manage if applied to dry skin.
  • The ingredients list of all chemical components.
Rating: 4/5


Even though the ingredients lists of chemicals they did not harm my skin. So you can feel free to try it :).

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