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Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

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Whatever you cook and consume the ultimate value of your cooked food is its nutrient content. Vegetable sweet corn soup is one such recipe which includes whole lot of nutrition. The recipe requires nothing but vegetable stock and the sweet corns. Hot sweet corn soup has no match when sipped especially at cold mornings. Here is the simple recipe of vegetable sweet corn soup.

Vegetable Sweet corn soup


2 cups of sweet corn

Vegetable stock (potato, beans, carrot, peas or any of your choice)

Corn powder

Pepper powder



For seasoning: Mustard, cumin seeds, ghee.


Vegetable Sweet corn soup

Finely chop all the vegetables you have included in your stock. Pressure cook and boil them.

Now mash one cup of sweet corns using a blender to form a paste and keep aside.

Take a deep pan and heat one spoon of ghee in it. Once hot add mustard and cumin seeds. When mustard starts to splitter add one cup water and the remaining sweet corns.

Let the sweet corns boil for 5 minutes, add the remaining boiled vegetable stock, mashed sweet corn paste, salt, sugar and pepper powder. Let them boil for 5 more minutes to be blended together.

After boiling prepare a spoons corn powder paste and add to the pan. Switch off the flame after thickening.

Vegetable Sweet corn soup is ready.

Vegetable Sweet corn soup

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