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How to Avoid Breakage in Gulab Jamuns

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Gulab Jamuns an Indian dessert often prepared during festivals and occasions or any happy gatherings.  The delicious dessert consists of crispy golden balls of milk solids dipped in sugar syrup. The dessert is famous all over the country and is now available in packed tins.

Gulab Jamuns

The recipe is really simple and requires short span of time. But few guidelines are necessary to prevent the breakage of balls, consistency of dough and the thickness of sugar syrup.  If you attain the three constraints then you are an expertise in preparing gulab jamuns.

In this post I do not wish to discuss more on preparing gulab jamuns as it is a known recipe.  Instead I would wish to share the tips which prevent the breakage of jamuns and attain the thickness in sweetened syrup.

In short to prepare gulab jamun all you require is Gulab Jamun powder,  sugar and cardamom powder.

You can even prepare the powder mix at home by using milk powder. But my choice is always the MTR read Gulab Jamun mix.


Prepare the thick dough by adding little water. Do not add all water at a time, pour in intervals as required.

Roll the dough into small balls and deep fry these balls in ghee/refined oil until golden brown.

Prepare sugar syrup in the ratio of 1:1, i.e one cup water for one cup sugar. Boil till the water forms bubbles. Your sugar syrup is ready. Add cardamom water to sugar syrup and stir well.

Drop these balls to the sugar syrup. Allow the jamun to soak for an hour so that they absorb all the sweetened syrup. The delicious sugary gulab jamun is ready.

Gulab Jamuns

It is such a simple dessert recipe, isn’t it? Nothing but frying the balls and dipping in sugar syrup. But the main part is here, when balls are dropped into the hot oil there are chances of cracking and sometimes the balls does not remain as balls , they turn out to be some weird shape. Once the jamun ball cracks, your entire preparation is a fail. Also if the sugar syrup has not attained the required consistency the golden balls when dipped swell and break off.  Here are few simple tips to avoid breakage of Gulab jamun.

Tips and tricks to avoid breakage in Gulab Jamuns?

  • The dough should not be thick nor watery. It should maintain soft consistency without and breaks. 
  • Rub your palm with ghee whenever you roll the balls. This provides wonderful binding to the dough. 
  • The kneaded dough should not have a single crack line in it. Also when you form the balls, the surface should be clean without any cracks and holes.  So it is a good practice to rub the dough with ghee in your palms which will avoid the cracks. Keep greasing your palms every now and then.

How to avoid breakage in Gulab jamuns?

  • While deep frying the balls see to that the balls are completely dipped in oil/ghee. If half the surface of the ball is under oil and another half above in the air, then you will find a crack in the intersection. Always pour a pan full of oil/ghee for frying.  

How to avoid breakage in Gulab jamuns?

Look at these fried balls, you will not find a single crack or breaks in it.

How to avoid breakage in Gulab jamuns?

  • Sugar syrup should be moderately thick and sticky. The 1:1 ratio of water and sugar is always preferable. When sugar syrup is thick and sticky, it gets absorbs completely within the balls making them soft and sweet. Also there is no wastage of sweet syrup since they are sucked.
    If the sugar syrup is light and watery, the balls when dipped swell and break off because of the water content.
  • Never keep the flame high which burns the balls. Frying in low flame makes it crispy golden brown and softens the middle portion.

These tips are true every word. It is my own experience of cooking this dessert and after number of failures I learnt these tricks and tips. 

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