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Homemade Easy Tan Removal Using Tomato Juice & Almond Oil

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Our skin gets easily damaged with the slightest exposure to dust or sun or even on long traveling days.

Sun tan is a problem that happens instantly on the skin. But removing tan takes a long time. The top layer if the skin has to get lightened. When skin is exposed to sun, skin becomes very tender, sensitive and gets burnt to some extent.

It has to be our constant effort to maintain the balanced health of our skin. Natural remedies quickly made at home gives great solace to the troubled skin and bring back the lost glow.

Here is one of the best tan removal method which you can easily prepare at home.

You will need just the 2 items from your kitchen shelf.

·         Few spoon of tomato juice
·         One spoon of Almond oil.

How to extract tomato juice?

To obtain tomato juice, simple cut the tomato into half and then quarter. With some finger pressure remove out the fruity pulp that is there along with the tomato seeds.

Put this pulp and seeds on to a strainer. This will allow the juice drip down from the strainer. Collect it in a bowl.

Leave the setting for about 15 minutes. You will get enough tomato juice collected in the bowl.

How to prepare & use tomato juice - almond oil recipe for tan removal?

To the bowl in which tomato juice is collected, add pure almond oil. Mix well.
Thus, the homemade tan removal mixture is ready for use.

Homemade Easy Tan Removal Using Tomato Juice & Almond Oil

Dab a piece of clean cotton and apply on entire face and neck. Massage slightly concentrating on the corners and bridge of the nose and also on the forehead area.

Also apply the mixture to the exposed area of the hands.

Leave for about 20 minutes and wash off.

Benefits of Tomato Juice for skin:

Tomato is acidic in nature and thus a very good bleaching agent for the skin. Since it has bleaching properties, it is a good choice to be used on tanned and darkened skin.

Homemade Easy Tan Removal Using Tomato Juice & Almond Oil

It also is a good remedy for any infection on the skin.

The vitamin c component in tomatoes makes it a natural scrub thus exfoliating the skin. It polishes the skin in the most natural way and removes the layer of dead skin cells.

It also fights ageing and reduces the appearance of fine lines on the skin.

Minor cuts, wounds and skin rashes are easily cured by tomatoes.

Tomato is the top listed item when it comes to skin brightening and bringing natural glow to the skin

Benefits of Almond Oil for skin:

Almond oil is a very ancient ingredient that has been in use in all the beauty recipes. Almond oil has numerous benefits which cannot be covered in short.

Homemade Easy Tan Removal Using Tomato Juice & Almond Oil

The main properties of almond oil and why it is used in almost all products is simple to be understood. It is an excellent moisturizer and maintains suppleness and glow in the skin.

The repairing of the skin is the major property of almond oil. It also is helpful in keeping the skin youthful for long.

There are many more natural remedies which can cure sun tan on continued usage.

Homemade remedies are the best way to solve any of the skin related issues.

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