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Diet Plan for 2 Year Old Baby

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When your baby reaches 2 years, then it can be told that your child has achieved another milestone. With the fully grown teething your child has a transition from its liquid/semi solid food to solid food. Also children at this age are hyper active and fun making with the complete exhaustion of energy.

Till now milk and any baby porridge's was a wonderful food supply which managed all the nutrients for your child. But 2 years is a age where milk alone cannot feed all the nutrients, many other forms of minerals, vitamins, proteins are necessary for the healthy growth.

Baby Food

It is really a great job when your child transforms its food habits from baby food to your normal food. Also it is a tendency of every child to run away from baby porridge's. They crave for the colorful food that we eat but really cannot swallow and digest it.

One cup of milk or one fruit is not sufficient; every food included in your baby’s diet chart should be highly nutritious. Here is a diet chart with the list of food options to be provided at the regular time intervals.

Early mornings:

Once your child wakes up early in the morning make a regular habit of drinking half glass of warm water. This is proved to be very healthy for both children and elders. 

Soak 2 almonds and few raisins overnight. Provide these soaked dry fruits along with a cup of milk.



Healthy breakfast for the start of the day is very important. Provide one dosa or chapatti dipped with milk/curd and sugar/honey for breakfast. Boiled Potato sambar is also a good side dish.

Hot Dosa+recipes for breakfast

Wheat oats or corn flakes too are a healthy start for your busy schedule.

Brunch Time:

Bowl full of fruits or dry fruits at the brunch time is quite nutritious. You can even make a salad of sprouts or dal or boiled peas/channa/corn or any nutritious cereals.

Moong Dal Salad


Vegetable filled staple (may be rice or chapatti) is mandatory.  Green leafy vegetables and dal should be provided alternatively. Your child will also love yogurt rice with garnished vegetables.

curd rice 

Try to prepare with less spices so that your child will enjoy the meal.

Snack Time:

A cup of hot milk with wheat rusks, or any fresh fruit milk shakes and vegetable soups. 

dates+Health Smoothies Recipe

Easy recipes like vegetable upma or sprouted stir fries that are highly protein and nutritious are good for snack time.


Dinner again should be as heavy as the lunch. Vegetable or leafy side dishes for rice and roti, vegetable filled parathas and dal curry is the good healthy option.  

A cup of hot milk before bed time is very good for the growth and development for your child.

Though difficult, it is really enjoyable to feed your child. Feeding healthy in simple words means a big “No” for oily food, fast foods or any bakery products. But you can provide homemade desserts occasionally. Follow the diet plan for the healthy growth of your child.

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