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10 Things To Include In Toddlers’ Food Diet

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The baby or the toddler's food are the one which has to be paid the most attention. The food chart should be healthy and include every nutrition every day. Here is the list of food which should mandatory be a in a regular diet of your child.



Parents usually forget about giving water to children. Water is the most essential liquid and also a mandatory liquid for your child. Just as your child says you “Good Morning” with a bright smile, feed at least half glass of warm water to your child. Drinking water for empty tummy keeps your child healthy and cleans the bowels.  Water reduces any minor stomach infections and eases motion in your child.



Milk is a complete food for your child. This should be the second liquid to be provided every morning when your child wakes. Milk contains essential fat and calcium for the child’s growth and development.  But do not give extra fat milk. Fat thick milk might be heavy to your child’s digestion and may result in loose motion. A perfect moderate fat cow’s Milk is the best option.

Roti or Chapatti:

Chapatti or Roti

The breakfast you provide for your child should be fresh and healthy. Do not provide stuffs like snacks or bread for breakfasts. Your growing child requires lots of proteins and vitamins. Wheat chapattis or roti are the best options. If your toddler finds difficulty in chewing hard chapatti, dip them in milk and sugar and feed the softened chapatti.



At least one fruit should be compulsory in your child’s daily food chart. It may be apple, banana, pomegranate, oranges or any other fresh healthy fruits.  You can even provide fruit juices.


A bowl full of hot rice mixed with either dal or yogurt is a perfect heavy lunch and dinner for your child. Always try to give freshly prepared hot food for your child.

Here again if your toddler finds difficulty in chewing rice, smash it using finger tips of blend slightly for ease in swallowing.

Dry Fruits:

Dry Fruits like almonds, dates, dried figs, raisins, are rich storage of energy. These overcome the deficiency in the growing child.


Boiled smashed Vegetables which contain fibrous and minerals for a growing kid.

Time pass food:

Green Gram American Corn Salad

Apart from lunch and dinner , just for the sake of tongue tasting your child may crave for biscuits and chocolates. This junk food should be totally avoided.

Their time pass food should too contain high energetic ingredients. Preparing recipes all the day making them colorful is a tiresome job for a mother, but keeping your child’s health concept homemade food is always the best.  

Easy recipes like Green gram and Baby corn seedsMoong Dal salad or fruit salads is an healthy option.



A minimum amount of yogurt may in a small cup either along with rice or drink alone cools your child's stomach.

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