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Patanjali Gulkand Review & Health Benefits Of Gulkand

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Patanjali products needs no advertising. Baba Ramdev is famous for Patanjali products he has given to the Indian market. The price and the quality of Patanjali products are great.

Have you tried any of the Patanjali health products? Gulkand is one of the health products from the brand.

gulkand paan beeda

What is Gulkand?

Gulkand is basically rose petals jam. Gulkand is very beneficial for health and digestive disorders.
The rose petals are chopped into fine strips and mixed with equal amount of sugar. Then it is transferred into a clean container (preferably glass) and exposed to sunlight for 10 to 15 days. 

gulkand - rose petal and sugar syrup

The sugar that gets dissolved and forms the syrup is a natural preservative. And thus the shelf life of gulkand is easily for 2 to 3 months. You can store the gulkand in refrigerator and prolong its life time.

Patanjali Gulkand Review:

The package is where Patanjali lags behind. Not at all competitive to other brands in the market. The fact is that, if they give fancy attractive packages to their products then the price will increase drastically/exponentially. So, there is no harm in the unattractive package they provide.

pantanjali gulkand review

Patanjali Gulkand comes in a plastic jar with screw cap. The wide open mouth of the jar is convenient for scooping out a spoon of gulkand.

gulkand health benefits

The syrup is sticky and too sweet. At a time, just one spoon can be consumed. The taste buds and the sensitive throat cannot handle more sweetness.

gulkand ayurvedic medicine

It is good with chapatti or roti. A very nice dip for both kids and adults.
The best combination is with betel leaves. If you have tried the paan wala’s stand at the road side you will know the taste.

gulkand paan beeda

Good for digestion and stomach disorders.             

Health Benefits of Gulkand:

Gulkand is listed under the list of ayurvedic medicines. It is believed to have many health benefits.

  • Gulkand is a body coolant. Thus, it reduces acidity problem and stomach burning sensations.
  • It is also an excellent blood purifier and removes body toxins.
  • Gulkand is a home remedy for body heat problems like mouth ulcers, heat rashes, heat boils, itchiness and pain.
  • Gulkand also improves digestion and solves stomach disorders.
  • Gulkand is very effective in preventing heat strokes. Hence, before venturing out in to the sun, take 2 spoon of gulkand.
  • Gulkand is efficient in maintain the health of uterus. Also it relives the pain due to menstrual cycle.

gulkand rose petal jam

Do you prepare gulkand at home? Or do you use Patanjali Gulkand?

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Meghana Acharya said...

woah. I didn't know gulkan was so beneficial. Great pics love!

Meghana Acharya said...

Wow so many benefits of Gulkand.. I didn't know that it is that good for women.. gotta get this immediately :)

Meghana Acharya said...

I love the gulkand flavor but wasnt aware that it has benefots too..:P ..thats like a bonanza ;)

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