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Patanjali Bel Candy Review

Have you tried eating Bel fruit? It can be consumed raw or dried. Any form is good for health. The fruit has numerous health benefits and thus is used in ayurvedic field of medicine. 

Bel Candy from Patanjali

I never knew what Bel was? When I saw the jar of Bel Candy at the Patanjali stores I just wondered about it. The lady at the shelf mentioned about Bilwa Patra. “Have you known Bilwa Patra? It is offered to Lord Shiva while worshipping.” Oh, Yes, I know Bilwa Patra. And Bel fruit is from the same tree.

And Baba Ramdev cleverly turned the fruit in to a daily usable candy. I had already tried Amla Candy. And that is so tasty. With the same state of mind I picked this jar too.

Patanjali Bel Candy Review

Candy made from Bel

Now, if I have to be honest about revealing the taste of Bel Candy, it is one tough job for me. I have always liked Patanjali as a brand. But this Bel Candy jar disappointed me a lot. I could not go beyond my first piece of candy. That too, the first piece I popped into my mouth since I had never known how it tasted. Now, the whole jar is left unused.

Patanjali Bel Candy Pieces

I don’t like the taste. Terrible. I have to relate it to some raw and freshly mixed chapathi dough. That is really not edible.

Sorry, I wasted some of my hubby’s hard earned precious money.

The jar is cute. Something like a pot shaped with a orange cap. The jar shows information of the nutritional contents and its benefits.

Bel Candy Nutrition Facts

Bel Candy Benefits

Price: Rs.110 , Available at all Patanjlai stores.
Rating: 3/5
The taste preference is purely my personal opinion. There could be some of you who would like the taste of Bel. Patanjali could have provided a smaller jar too. So, for the first time users, the small jar would be perfect to try and taste.

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