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4 Best Homemade Tomato Recipes for Skin

The rich red tomato of your kitchen is a horde of beauty and health secrets. The juice and its pulp is a great tonic adding beauty for your skin. When it comes to physical health, it contains vitamins, minerals, iron and magnesium. Let me pointer the beautifying agents of Tomato today. 

Tomatoes skin care

Benefits of tomato for skin:

The juice of tomato prevents ageing, sun tanning, clears acne and black heads and avoids pimples. Also it is a great medicine for the pigmentation found in ladies of middle age. The vitamins and minerals in it adds a glow to skin making you stay beautiful and young. Also rubbing the tomato juice to your hair scalp drives away dandruff and itchy scalp. 

How to use tomatoes for skin:

Indian cooking makes use of a lot of tomato puree or tomato slices or finely chopped tomato pieces; especially for the side dishes that is prepared for chapathi/roti.
After the tomato has been cut into half, squeeze them for the juice into a different bowl. And when the tomato is being chopped, it simply oozes lot of its juice. Do not just drain it off from the chopping board. Collect the oozed out juice for the skin care. And again, when you make puree of tomato, keep aside 4 spoons of this tomato puree for later use.

4 best homemade recipe with tomatoes for skin:

Tomato – Almond: Mix the tomato puree with 2 spoons of coarsely grounded almond. Mix well. This acts as a good scrub for the skin. Removes dead cells on the skin and exfoliates the skin to smoothness.

Tomato – Honey – Aloe Vera: Take equal amount of tomato juice, honey and aloe vera juice. Mix them well. Apply the mixture of the trio to face and neck. Leave it for at least one hour before rinsing. This reduces rashes and skin irritations.

Tomato – Yogurt – Besan: Take one part of tomato, one part of yogurt and 2 parts of Besan (gram flour) in a bowl. Whisk them well and make a thick paste. This is a face pack for acne prone skin. Even otherwise, it gives a glowing skin.

Tomato – Crystal Salt: Half cup tomato pulp and 3 spoons of the crystal salt/rock salt. Add the salt to the tomato pulp 5 minutes before using. This should make the crystal salt lose its hardness. Do not allow the salt to dissolve.  This makes a very good foot scrub. It helps in healing cracks, removing dirt and also nail infections.

This was all the information I knew about this vegetable. Try them and gain a healthy glowing skin similar to the fresh Tomatoes :).

Thanks for reading. Stay Happy. :)

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