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Spicy Pongal Recipe ( as Huggi in Udupi)

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It is a tradition in my native Udupi , to prepare this Spicy Pongal or (Huggi in local language) during this winter season. This entire month you can find this recipe prepared in every kitchen. The spicy pongal is cooked along with cinnamon and cloves to keep your body heat during this chill time.

This food is very energetic and feels heavily filled for the entire day.  The spicy pongal tastes the best along with combination of a tangy syrup.


Read on for the recipe of Spicy Pongal and the tangy syrup J.

Ingredients for Spicy Pongal:

Half cup rice
Half cup split green gram
Half bowl Jaggery
Salt for taste.
Half bowl grated coconut
One spoon of Pongal Powder

Preparation of Pongal Powder:  Grind cinnamon ,cloves, cardamom of equal quantity and store dry.

Preparation of Spicy Pongal:

Wash rice and split green gram.


Take a pressure cooker, add rice and green gram.  Add three cups of water , salt , jaggerry and one spoon pongal powder.


Pressure cook the way you cook rice.

After cool down, add grated coconut and mix well.


Spicy Pongal or Huggi is ready.

Ingredients for Tangy Syrup:

Curry leaves
Ginger, green chillies.
Sesame, urad dal, oil for seasoining.

Preparation of Tangy Syrup:

Take a deep kadai.  Add tamarind water , jaggerry, salt, ginger pieces , green chillies and curry leaves. Let them boil together in low flame till the water thickness. 
The amount of jaggerry should be twice the tamarind.


Now take a separate pan , add sesame seeds, urad dal and oil. Heat till sesame splitters. Add the fried items to the syrup prepared.


Tangy syrup is ready. Since the syrup is too concentrated, a spoonful is sufficient for one bowl of Pongal.

Serve Spicy Pongal or Huggi with the combination of Tangy Syrup.


The recipe is mixture of all tastes and very healthy.
Try this udupi special Huggi today and see the smiles in your family.

Till then Stay Happy!

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