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Fisher Price Baby Teether Review

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Fisher price has lot of collective baby accessories including mind games for growing brains. It is one of the best baby brands.  It is common for all babies to have an itchy gum during their growth of first teeth. So a teether is a must for your happy baby. Now I will be reviewing Fisher Price teether which I used for my son. 

Fisher Price Teether + baby toys

I hope it will be helpful to all mothers before you choose a teether for your child :) Have a look at the picture of the teether here.

An yellow smooth curvy ring with a flower shape at the centre. The flower resembles to be sunflower with cute eyes and nose :). Your baby will really like this at the first look.

Fisher Price Teether + baby soap

Fisher Price Teether + baby stores

There are soft ring like umbrella shaped colourful hanging rolls in it. The rolls are movable but you cannot separate them from the outer frame.

Fisher Price Teether + baby products

Now let me come to its nature. The teether is soft and your baby feels relaxed chewing it. The outer ring like yellow frame helps your baby hold the teether with his fist. My son had a very nice grip in it J.  The rolls too are smooth and chewable. They will enjoy playing with it by simply shaking the teether watching the rolls moving.

Fisher Price Teether + best baby lotion

This teether was a gift for my son from my aunt on her return from Dubai, she had lots of toys to him including this Teether.  I am not aware it’s price but I am sure it’s available in all baby stores.

What I like about Fisher Price Teether?
  • Colourful and attractive
  • Soft outer frame with soft rolls
  • Easy space for your child to hold
I did not find any major disadvantages in it.

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