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2013 Flashback of Happiest Ladies

Hits of Happiest Ladies 2013

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shampoo is on the top of the list of ‘most viewed article’. Why? Is Baba Ramdev and his products so famous? I didn’t know. But I am an avid fan of his products, except for Patanjali Bel Candy. Sorry haan.

Patanjali Divya Kesh Taila Review is another the most viewed, and even till date the majority of the days’s traffic is for this article. No idea why? Sorry cannot explain anything further. 

Kushmanda Halwa Recipe created a major stir in the world of sweets. After all the sticky sugar syrup that makes the halwa worth eating is worth all the attention. :)
Every lady seems to like the shade of the lipstick numbered 26 from Rimmel London. See here. I like the shade too, no doubt. This is the most viewed lipstick on my blog. I excepted Benefit lipsticks to be the most viewed.

HappiestLadies 2013

Patanjali Kesh KantiMilk Protein is another winner on the blog. Jai ho, Patanjali. :). I am not associated with this brand. Please do not mistake me for featuring the products from the brand.

Diamond Pendant from Kalyan Jewellers was the first post on this blog to grab very quick attentions (read view counts). I did not have a good network base those days, very low on traffic, very few face book likes and very few subscribers. That is the power of diamond you see. :). Draws attention and gets easily focussed itself.

South Indian Traditional Jasmine Hair Styles is viewed every single day by any one from anywhere in the world. The beauty of the hair style is so, thus admired by everyone.

How to Make a Sari was my project of great passion. I shared here.

I had few travel guest posts about Christmas in London. Part1, Part 2 and Part 3. What a nice way to end the year of 2013 with sparkling glimpses of Christmas.

Happiest Ladies 2013

Misses of Happiest Ladies 2013.

My story of Pink Gemstone Pendant has got the least attention. It had generations of emotions in it. The jewellery did not seem to attract anyone. But in real life it has received great attention. So never mind. 

Another miss post was Lord Krishna on Happiest Ladies. Babies are usually attention seekers. But Krishna Baby was not all that successful here. 

Resolution for Happiest Ladies 2014:

Buying diamonds online from caratlane.com. I have shortlisted 5 of my favourite picks here. Awaiting all your suggestions to pick the perfect one. I got to be quick now before the approved budget gets diverted to something else. 

Including travel posts frequently on the blog. Now that my baby has become very travel friendly achieving this should be a lot easier.

Make a scheduled plan work out for Happiest Ladies. I am a complete nil in this regard. Might need to get some training.

Learn some basic steady photography. I have a confession here. It is most of the time Mr.Husband doing the clicking. :-P. Even the images for the product review posts. :-P. The makeup products swatches are of course on my hand. Weekends he is surrounded with all the products, spoon and some tissues and then click, click, click........ :-)

And want to achieve the above resolutions without any failure.

So what are your hits, misses and resolutions?

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