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Homemade Yogurt Recipes - Coffee Flavor

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To speak about yogurt is a huge topic. If you ask me what is yogurt, then you are definitely leading me to a seminar session. It will make me involve so many informations about protein in yogurt, calories in yogurt, probiotic yogurt drink, of course yogurt and weight loss. The subject is vast. Let us leave it back here.

For now, I tried a flavored yogurt recipe. 

Smoothies with yogurt

Before that, I have been hearing a lot about Greek yougurt. I know greek yougurt is not same as the one we use on the regular basis. It is more thick, more creamier and more healthier. I want to make the best greek yogurt. Please, if any of you know how to make homemade greek yogurt then I am all ears.

On to the healthy yogurt recipes.

When it is time for tours & travels, I always packed a tub of smoothies with yogurt or flavoured yogurt from any of the yogurt brands. Nilgiris is one of the yogurt brands available easily here.

And then I thought why not make my own healthy yogurt recipes. So here comes the happy homemade yogurt recipes.

  • 1 spoon coffee powder.
  • 5 spoons of sugar.
  • Half cup water.
  • One bowl of thick creamy yogurt.

Homemade yogurt recipes

First prepare the yogurt. If you know how to make yogurt at home, that would be brilliant. I have mentioned about homemade yogurt recipes here.
For homemade yogurt, you will have to whisk it in a hand blender to make a smoothie like paste of the yogurt. Chill the yogurt in the refrigerator. 

what is yogurt

For the flavour, follow the below steps.
  • Into a bowl add sugar and coffee powder (5:1 ratio). Heat the half cup of water and pour sizzling hot water into the bowl of sugar and coffee.
  • Allow sugar to dissolve. Also allow the flavouring syrup to cool
  • Add 2 spoons of this syrup to the bowl of yogurt. Add more if required according to the taste you prefer.

Yogurt recipe

  • Mix well. Coffee flavoured yogurt is ready to be slurped. 

healthy yogurt recipes

Frozen yoghurt is also a good idea. Once the flavour is mixed, put the bowl into the freezer. That is a different taste all together.

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