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Eco Joy Play Safe Toys

It’s really fun rearing your child :). Baby Food, Baby feeding, Baby products, Baby health , Baby toys and Baby stores. But when it comes to toys you should be more careful to avoid harming your best baby.

We look into brands for all baby accessories like preferring   mee mee or Pigeon, and dipers to be pampers . When it comes to strollers  we prefer capela looking into the seats and wheels to be perfect.  

But for toys we usually give less of attention . Simply rush to a shopping store select few soft toys or remote controlled cars ,this is what I do because my son breaks his toys within no time :).

Now I have a different story of toys for you, ECOJOY PLAY SAFE TOYS, a gift for my son from his 

This ECOJOY toys is an Indian brand made of pure wood. The toys are handmade and has no dyes or paints. Even if your baby licks them it has no harmful chemicals. 


There were two different toys in the pack with names TRAC TROLL and BA DOOM. 



 Both the toys are very smooth to touch and have no sharp edges. You have no fear of points hurting your child. The wheels and the connectives too are smoothly curved. 




Really the toys are safe, you need not keep an complete watch on your child with these toys. But yes, there is one drawback, if the toy falls on your child’s legs and for head since its made of wooden there are chances of minor wounds.

But otherwise they are safe and fun. 

These toys are available in all shopping stores today with discounts. We bought this from flipkart. But you have more offers in ;amazon.

For more information about these indian toys , visit  ecowayz
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