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Christmas in London 2013 – Part 1

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Lights bring the festive mood, be it Deepawali or Christmas. With Christmas in just a couple of days, you might be expecting lights and sparkling all around to admire.

London is one of the most famous tourist places. More precisely London is a global hub. Especially during Christmas people pour in across the world. A destination festival is the gift every one give themselves along with their family and friends.

Winter and Christmas together is the most happening time in London. Here are few glimpses of attractive Christmas looks at major landmarks of London.

Oxford Street Christmas Lights - 2013

The Oxford Street Christmas lights are the most famous Christmas lights in the world. The Christmas lights add to the celebration in festive style with exciting themes.

Oxford Street Christmas Lights

Oxford Street Christmas Light

There are hundreds of shops on the Oxford Street. The Chrsitmas lights gives a great attraction to shop under the glow of festive lights.

Christmas Sales

Christmas Shopping at Oxford Street

Christmas Shopping in London

Regent Street Christmas Lights - 2013

The Regent Street Christmas lights are another spectacular creation. The Christmas Lights are one of the major tourist attractions in London during Christmas. Regent Street is one of the shopping destinations with a wide range of shops. Dozens of shops are open for extended hours and offer all sorts of promotions and discounts. Regent Street is perfect for experiencing window shopping under the glow of the world’s most impressive Christmas Lighting.

Regent Street Christmas Lights 2013

Regent Street Christmas Lights 2013

Regent Street Christmas Light

The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

Trafalgar Square is another land mark of London. During Christmas, Trafalgar square is the home to one of the attraction in London during Christmas, Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree. This is a gift from the city of Oslo every year. It is in honour for the support extended by the British Military for the country of Norway during the Second World War. The gifting of the usually 20m tall Christmas tree is in practice since 1947.

Trafalgar Square London

The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

Editor’s Note: Do you remember a guest post on Edinburgh’s August Festival. See here. It is the same author contributing this guest post on Christmas in London - 2013. Expect more Christmas celebrations glimpses here.

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