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Home Lip Treatment with Strawberry

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When everybody has their share of strawberry smoothie, I make sure I have a little extra share for myself to prepare a home lip treatment and skin care treatment. Strawberry is slightly sour/acidic in taste. But the natural fragrance of strawberries does not give the slightest idea of the acidic nature in them.

Strawberry health benefits

With winters already arrived all the face care tips and all the best lip care products come very handy. All of the best lip balms work well as a moisturizer for lips when accompanied with a mild scrub.

As you can sense, this is the article that shows the procedure of making homemade strawberry sugar lip scrub.

  • Strawberry slices (fresh)
  • 2 spoons of sugar                    
  • 1 drop of oil (almond/olive/or any other)

Strawberry face care tips

How to make strawberry lip scrub:

Blend the slices of strawberry. You will need just one spoon of the strawberry pulp. To this fruity pulp add 2 spoons of sugar. The idea is to make a thick fruity sweet scrub that is fit for exfoliating the dry lips. You can add a tiny drop of your favorite oil to this. Oils are the best moisturizer for lips.

lip care with strawberry

Mix well and that makes the home lip treatment ready for use.

A pearl size amount of the strawberry scrub is sufficient for rubbing on the lips. When you rub in small circular motion softly without applying much pressure, it removes the dead and dry flakes on the lips. This makes way for new and healthier skin on the lips.

home lip treatment strawberry

How to make strawberry face scrub:

There is definitely lot of strawberry pulp and sugar left behind after lip scrubbing. To this add a spoon of creamy yogurt. This serves as a moisturizing face scrub. Face scrub serves as an excellent skin care treatment in removing dead cells.

Have you tried using the real fruit pulp for your skin and lips this winter?

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