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The Nature’s Co Walnut – Mint Foot Scrub Review

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I received this as a sample item from the brand. The product is purely nature based without any reverse effects. The scrub makes you feel that you have treated your feet with home remedies.


Claims of The Nature’s Co Walnut – Mint Foot Scrub
A soothing natural fiber; Sloughs away rough, dry & dead cells from your heels and soles; Moisturize and soften your feet.
A soothing natural fiber foot scrub that sloughs away the rough, dry dead cells from your heels and soles. Walnut-Mint Foot scrub is the answer to dry, chapped feet. The mint invigorates while neem works to moisturize and soften your feet. Massage the micro-walnut granules to easily and effectively remove dry and dead skin.


Ingredients:  Peppermint Oil ,Pepermint Extract,Walnut Grits, Neem Extract,Kokum Butter.
Price and Quantity:  Rs 425 for 125ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

My Experience With The Nature’s Co Walnut – Mint Foot Scrub:

Package: The scrub comes in a white fibrous tube.  A flip cap which is also screw able has a medium sized opening and eases the flow of scrub.


There is a thick paper tied with a rope round the tube which lists out the ingredients,  a  unique way of listing out the claims J.


Nature:  The scrub is thick consistent , but easily flows out the tube. It appears like a white shiny paste with tiny granules in it.

I checked for the directions for its usage, but it was not mentioned. So I tried my regular way of scrubbing my feet. I washed my foot with warm water, and then to my wet foot rubbed this walnut mint scrub. The granules do not harm your skin nor they produce any scratches. They are soft and tiny helping out removing dead cells. I could easily clean my toe nails and under feet.  Also the scrub helped me work out minor imperfections.


The product is very helpful during the winters. Unlike other available scrubs which only removes dry skin, this product contains moisturiser which softens  your feet healing the white cracks of winter.

Fragrance: Smells of peppermint, similar to mint chewing gum J.

Pros of  The Nature’s Co Walnut – Mint Foot Scrub:
  • Hygiene Packing
  • Moisturises and works well on dead skin.
  • Ingredients list of nature extracts.
  • A good choice for winters.
Cons of The Nature’s Co Walnut – Mint Foot Scrub:
  • Available mostly in online stores.
  • It would be nice if they had mentioned the directions to use.
Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: Overall it as great product with mild nature extracts.

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