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Baby Feeding Corn Porridge Recipe

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Feeding baby solid food is such a big task for a mother. Leave behind solids, semi solids are also a great challenge. Baby food diet plan or baby food feeding schedule are the usual things I keep discussing with other moms when I get to meet.

For my baby, I began with pureed baby food recipes of fruits and vegetables. These pureed recipes are the easiest way of feeding baby solids.

8 month old baby food

I am writing here a homemade food made of corn that is fit for baby feeding. I considered this as 8 month old baby food. I introduced corn when my baby was a little older than 8 months.

Feeding baby solid foods or semi solid foods will be fun only when babies gulp a mouthful of their food and begin shaking hands and legs for the next mouthful. J. Every gulping is worth watching.

Now, on to the corn porridge recipe. I hope this will help you to include into your baby food diet plan.

  • Wash the dry corn seeds. Spread it on a cotton cloth and leave it overnight.

corn for babies

  • By next morning it would have dried enough, though not completely free of moist.
  • Heat a thick bottom wide pan. In this pan, dry fry the corn seeds over low to moderate flame.
  • There will aroma of the fried corn seeds spreading around. The seeds will also blow out into beautiful flowers. It seems like you are preparing pop corn. J

homemade baby food

corn porridge soup baby food

  • After frying for about 10 minutes, transfer the corn seeds into an open tray and allow it to cool.
  • When the corn is still slightly warm, ground it in a blender. Make fine powder of the dry fried corn.
  • Store it in an airtight container.

feeding baby solid food

Baby Feeding Corn Porridge Recipe:
  • Take about 2 spoons of dry fried corn powder in a bowl. Add as little as possible clean drinking water. Mix the powder to make it into a thick paste.

feeding baby solid foods

  • In a different vessel, heat about one glass of milk. When milk heats up, add the thick corn paste you just made by mixing water.
  • Continue boiling for 10 to 15 minutes. Add water or milk to adjust the consistency.

baby feeding porridge

  • Add a sweetening agent of your choice. It could be sugar, jaggery, dates syrup, honey or any fruit pulp.

Serve your baby the warm corn porridge.

8 month old baby food

I will share the puree baby food recipes soon that I have been giving to my baby.

Meanwhile, if at all you have any healthy snacks for kids you have been giving, please share it.

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