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Mastela Finger Brush with Storage Case Review

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Infant tooth brushing is a major challenge if you ask me. It takes a lot of patience when it comes to brushing your teeth for kids. Healthy teeth begins right from the first new teeth baby gets.

I always thought only baby bottles take the priority in a baby’s day routine. But there are so many baby products.

How to brush children teeth is the most common query parents keep discussing in every possible forum. There are so many kid dental care products available at store and even online stores. Dental care for kids and babies have become a little easy these days with a variety of innovative ideas attached to the kids dental care product, like musical brush, caricatures on the brushing products, flavored tooth foam for babies.

Mastela Finger Brush

Today I am showing you a finger brush which I have been using for my baby oral care. I have put this to use from the time of teething.

This finger brush is dual sided, one side with soft tiny bristles and the other with tiny dots. This is fit for the baby’s tender gums. A mild massage across the baby’s gums gives a relief to the irritating feel of teething. The soft bristles also clean the baby teeth new teeth efficiently without hurting.

Baby Finger Brush

The material of the Mastela finger brush is soft and is transparent made from silicon. The brush fits in the case very easily and the case in turn is very tiny. It hardly eats up any space in mummy’s bag.

Mastela Baby Finger Brush

This finger brush is easy to clean after/before each use.

Price: Rs.150. You can buy from firstcry.com  It is also available on Yapaa.com. Buy here.
Rating: 4.5/5

There are many more brands which provide similar baby finger brush. To name a few in the list below.

Fralin Baby’s First Toothbrush.

Price: Rs.145.
You can buy it from here


MeeMee Finger Toothbrush with Storage Case (Blue)

Price: Rs.170
You can buy it from here


Fisher Price Silicone Finger Tooth Brush with Case (Red)

Price: Rs. 179
You can buy it from here

fisher price finger brush red

Warner Brothers Tom & Jerry Silicon Finger Brush

Price: Rs.169
You can but it from here

Warner Brothers Tom & Jerry Finger Brush


Have you used finger brush for your little one? Which brush did you use for brushing teeth for kids?

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