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How To Use Almonds For Skin And Hair

Almonds contain essential nutrients for both skin and hair. They are the wonder nuts which stores magical beautifying agents.  Almonds are the all purpose agent which are tonic for healthy skin and hair. They can be used for scrubbing, face and hair masks and massaging whose end result is more than satisfactory.

Almond skin and hair care

Almonds Face Scrub

Blend almonds with cold milk and rub gently on face. If blending becomes difficult, soak almonds for some time and blend it along with milk.

The blended almonds remove dead skin and dirt easily. Almonds contain vitamin E which soothes the dry scrubbed skin. Milk cools down the scrubbing activity and also encourages hydration in skin. It opens up pores removing impurities and helps the skin breath.

Almonds Face oil Massage

Rubbing almond oil before bed time makes skin soft and supple. As the oil stays for a long time, it reduces all the skin imperfections including dark circles.  Also the almond oil massage provides a spa treatment where your skin feels relaxed.
Almond oil massage is an all purpose skin solution which reduces sun burns and also delays aging.

Almonds Moisturizer

Make a fine paste of almonds with milk. Apply over face and neck and rinse off after it dries. This provides best hydration for skin especially in dry winters.

almond skin care

Almonds Face Mask

Soak almonds in yogurt for an hour and make a fine paste of it with a blender. Apply this paste to face and neck twice a week. This is best solution for dry unhealthy skin. It improves skin complexion resulting a soothed shine skin.

Almonds Body Scrub

Mix pieces of almonds with a spoon full of sugar and lemon juice. Rub this mixture to entire body before shower. You can either dip the bath sponge for scrubbing or also with your finger tips. Regular scrubbing especially to the joints and knees or portions of dead skin soothes the skin and wipes away hard dead cells.

The mild scent of almonds lingers in your skin for long period.

Almonds for Hair

Almonds are the best hair conditioner which you can provide for your hair. Grind almonds with buttermilk and lemon juice.

This hair pack removes all impurities from your hair scalp reducing dandruff. Almonds improves the hair growth and strengthen the roots. Follow the pack once a week for nourished healthy hair.

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