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DIY - Homemade Tea & Coconut Oil Body Scrub

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Exfoliating is an essential part of skin care. Too much of scrubbing is not good; whereas too little is also not good for the skin. You have to scrub the skin gently at regular intervals to keep them polished and healthy.

The main intension of scrubbing is to remove the top layer of dead skin, clogged dirt & sweat, blackheads, whiteheads and all unnecessary stuffs.

All you will need is a scrub granule ingredient and a moisturizing binding agent. It is simple and easy to choose your favourite items right from your kitchen shelves.

green tea skin care

Today we pick

  • green tea powder and
  • coconut oil.
You can pick any oil of your choice. If you want add few drops of aromatic oils to enhance the mood and to enjoy the scrubbing experience.

Mix the two in the desired quantity. And your aromatic tea body polisher is ready to use. 

green tea body scrub

How to use Tea & Coconut Oil Body Scrub:

I prefer using body scrubs on wet skin. Bath time is the perfect time to use body scrubs. They polish the skin so well, that one can immediately feel the softness and suppleness on the skin.

Rub the homemade natural tea scrub on the skin with circular motions throughout the skin. Scrub with as light as possible hand strokes, this way you will not hurt the skin.

Wash off with luke warm water. 

green tea coconut oil scrub

The tea powder particles will lift up the dead cells and the oil will provide the moisturizing required almost immediately.

Storing Tea & Coconut Oil Body Scrub:

As a basic rule I believe in not storing the home made skin care products. So, prepare fresh mixtures as and when required and dispose any left over after use.

scrub green tea coconut oil

Salt Scrubs or Sugar Scrubs easily dissolve in water. Tea powder does not have a tendency to dissolve in water. Since it is tea scrub at present, you have to take care that it does not clog your drain.

Hoping that you will try this simple homemade scrub method. Enjoy the polished and pampered skin.

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