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DIY - At-Home Waxing

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Hair removal is a must when you want to groom yourself to perfection. Especially legs, hands and under arms.

Unfortunately the methods involved in hair removal have one or the other draw back.

The hair removal creams are full of chemicals and might turn the skin dark, the epilators and razors might leave the skin with bruises, waxing comes along with some messy time and pain, laser hair removal is expensive and there is no guarantee of perfect results.

Waxing is the cheapest and more safest out of the available options and is of reach to the most common among the women; provided you are ready to bear the pain caused due to ripping of the strips.

melted wax for hair removal

Waxing at home can help you save some money and time. But, there are several factors to note before you decide on waxing at home.

Which area of the skin are you waxing at home?

Pubic area – Please leave it to the professionals. Do not try or experiment in any form.
Eyebrows area – This is really tricky. The hair removal near the area around eyebrows needs expertise. Else you would end up with no eyebrows which none would want to happen. So, there is high risk involved here.
Face and upper lips – This is tricky too and needs patience. But it is a lot easier than hair removing at the eyebrows or pubic area.
Legs, hands, under arms – This is the easiest hair removal area where you can give a try without much of the trouble. If you learn the art of waxing your hands and legs then you are entitled to save some money and your regular visit to the salon.

What to know before at-home waxing?

  • If you have extremely sensitive skin, then stay away from waxing.
  • Do not wax when you have acne prone or rash prone skin. Wait until your skin is normal.
  • Use a good quality/brand original wax. (I use honey bee wax)

Honey Bee Wax for hair removal

  • Prepare your skin before waxing at home. Do not use body butters/lotions/moisturizers on the skin prior to waxing.
  • Start with a clean skin. Free of sweat and dirt.
  • Test for the heat of the wax before using. If you use too hot a wax then you are likely to burn your skin.
  • If you are first timer, then have patience, it takes time to get hold of the technique.
  • Begin waxing at home only when you are sure that you have enough time and are bound to complete. Else salon waxing is the best for you as they are fast and have expertise.

What will you need for at-home waxing?

Wax, a wax heater/melter, waxing strips, an applicator

I do not have a wax melter. I collect some wax in a metal cup. Then I place this cup in a wide vessel filled with hot boiling water. The hot water in the wide vessel is good enough to melt the wax in the cup.

melted wax for hair removal

In this traditional method of mine, care has to be taken so that water do not get added to the melting wax.

As for waxing strips, they are easily available at the stores. They can be washed and dried for re-use. But I do not follow the washing and reusing pattern. I discard the used strips to avoid the pain of cleaning them. Waxing strips come at dirt cheap price. And waxing is done once in a month (as per my schedule)

I do not go for an exclusive wax applicator. I use the end of a steel fork. You can even use ice cream stick or anything else that serves as an applicator.

How to do waxing at home:

Prepare your skin for waxing. Let the skin be dry. You can also use talcum powder on the skin just before waxing.
Melt the wax. Bring it to a thin consistency.
When the wax is just perfect to be used on skin, collect a little on the applicator and spread on the skin in the direction of the hair growth.
Make sure you are not burning your skin. This is very important.

how to wax hands and legs at home

Place a strip and press on the skin where you applied wax.
Pull it off in the opposite direction quickly.
Hair removal is best done when you rip off quickly in an instant. The sooner you do the better. The result is also neat and quick.
Repeat the spreading of wax and ripping off using a strip throughout the hands and legs.

waxing at home

Melt the wax if needed in between.
Once done, clean if any wax residue on skin.
Follow with aloe vera gel or any other skin toner.

at home waxing

That completes the session of at-home waxing.


  • Make sure the hair length is good enough for waxing. Else you will never be able to wax.
  • Do not repeat waxing again and again on a waxed area. If there is some hair left, then you might tweeze them later. But never wax again.
  • Skin might develop temporary red rashes which does not require to be bothered much about. Take medical advice if redness and rashes causes prolonged trouble.
Hope this was helpful.

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