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Happy Women’s Day 2014 & A Typical Indian Woman

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Happy women’s day to all the gorgeous ladies I have come across so far, personally and virtually.

To begin with, when International Women’s Day was decided to be celebrated on every year 8th March, the strategy was to promote equal rights. The first decision of this day was made in August 1910.

Live your womanhood to the fullest. This is my wish to all.

2014 happy women's day

I can recall a lot of things at this point of time which made remarkable difference. Some thoughts I would like to share here. - 

Wait for your Mr.Right.

Do not compromise or bend just because you are aging or your aunt bought you a perfect match (perfect according to her). The changes you are about to incorporate in your life for your marriage should be worth it. You will have to adapt to shift to a new place, change job accordingly or even quit. Not you alone, is your Mr. ready to adapt too? Then your decision is really worth it.

Baby by choice, and not by chance.

I have faced this question, “was this pregnancy by chance?”. Why on earth?? No it was by choice. My conceiving and my motherhood was my decision. Not anybody’s advice or suggestion.

Don’t you get bored being at home?

Oh, now this is heights of questioning. I have no time to spare. So, there can be no space for boredom. Not because I have baby to care for, even earlier I had no time for so many things.

Engineering; and at home

It takes a good amount of brain to make this wise decision. I staying at home is not that typical gesture of sacrificing for the well being of my family. 

I have had enough working in the corporate world. Wanted to know how it would be like staying at home. I was of the idea that I could spend around lazily until hubby dear comes home from work. But heck, staying at home is not like lying lazily. Who knew that!

Dream job - being a model

Not the model doing catwalk on the ramp. I want to be a model for the jewellery show rooms. Hmmm; may be Bhima Jewellers or Kalyan jewellers. I am so jealous of all those girls who get to sport those jewelleries and get themselves a photo shoot too.

happy women's day 2014

Earn your penny.

You may not have to be a bread earner. But find a legal way of earning few pennies even if you do not want to go on a day job. This is just to keep the interests alive.

Do you cook every day?

For me cooking became a necessity when I had no other option. It wasn’t an art or passion for me. But the thought of necessity has grown into a though of taste and entertainment. This does not mean that I have given up the thoughts of laziness.

Hunger has no holiday. But, I need an off from my kitchen. So, what could be the possible solution for this ?? Guess, guess, ....... :)

You know I have already found my Mr.Right. And he is at my service when I decide to go lazy. 

So, this is how I choose to speak on International Women’s Day. It is always about being happy here on Happiest Ladies.

Finally, what is your way of treating yourself into a happy day.

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