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Hoysala Temples Tour – Day 1

India tours can be classified into various categories. Because the interests lies in a variety of fields. We have so much of India traveling plans. Seems like this life is not sufficient to cover all the india travel sites. 

There are many holiday packages those agents will arrange for you. But if you ask me, planning, arranging, finding the route, self driving self booking the accommodation, all these self’s make the finest luxury India tours. 

South India tourism usually gives the idea of temple tours. Karnataka is in the South. And the trip I am about to begin is a temple trip in Karnataka which will take you back to the dynasty of Hoysala.
Without further speaking about India luxury tours, let’s get on to our first day of our trip.

Breakfast at Karkala

Easting is inevitable in any travelling. But the main point is to eat light and travel safely. We had our breakfast at a Restaurant Sagar in Karkala.

India Breakfast puri baaji

The typical Puri-Baji. The place has a very unique taste.

Via Kudremukh Ghats

Kudremukh ghats gives the breath taking views. And the National Park that passes along is a wonderful forest ride experience. The atmosphere is not to be missed. 

Kudremukh Ghat Route

Kudremukh National Park route

This ghat is a house to one of the famous waterfalls – tourist spot of the region, Hanumangundi falls. More about it some other time.

Hanumangundi falls Karnataka Tourism

Chennakeshava Temple, Belur

We took the route to Belur via Chickmagalur. Chennakeshava Temple,Belur is the most beautiful and famous temples of Hoysala dynasty. 

Read more details about Chennakeshava Temple of Belur here.

Chennakeshava Temple at Belur

Entrance of Belur Temple
 Sculptres at the top of the temple door entrance

Hoysala dynasty and their history is the part of school education. And most often is a place for school educational trip. We got to see various groups of school students running around trying to catch hold of each details and chit chatting among them.

School trip to Belur temple

Drive to Halebeedu.

Distance: Belur to Halebeedu – 17 km

We moved forward driving towards Halebeedu. On reaching Halebeedu the common thing to do is visit the temple which is another famous of the Hoysalas. 

But we skipped it and instead got ourselves a room booked at KSTDC Shathala Mayura. This is run and maintained by Karnataka Tourism Department. It is situated exactly opposite to the main temple at Halebeedu.

Visit to Veeranarayana Temple, Belavadi.

Distance: Halebeedu to Belavadi - 10 km

After settling down at the KSTDC Shathala Mayura Hotel, our plan was to visit Belavadi. A short drive through the village roads takes you to the Veeranarayana Temple in Belavadi.

Temples of Karnataka Belavadi route
Stretch of banyan trees en-route Belavadi

Belavadi, is my personal favourite temple. The temple complex is heavenly. The scorching sunlight and heat outside does not affect the inner atmosphere of the temple. You will experience the coolness on entering the temple hall. 

belavadi karnataka temple

Belavadi temples of karnataka
 Temple hall of Veeranarayana Temple of Belavadi

Read more details about Veeranarayana Temple of Belavadi here

The priest here was surprised to know that we are on a schedule of visiting all possible Hoysala temples across the state. And he mentioned the temple of Doddagadavalli. Doddagaddavalli was is our schedule of the 3rd day of our trip. But little did we identify when the priest mentioned. 

The temple has a government appointed guide to narrate the history and the stories depicted in the carvings. He would do the narration to every visitor who comes in search of this temple.

guide to Belavadi hoysala temple

Visit to Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli

Distance: Belavadi to Halebeedu – 10 km; Halebeedu to Doddagaddavalli – 18 km

We had to drive back to Halebeedu and then proceed to Doddagaddavalli. It was dusk when we stared towards Doddagddavalli, thus very scenic. 

Temples of Karnataka Doddagaddavalli route

Lakshmi Devi Temple is a place for 4 shrines. This is one of the oldest among the Hoysala temples. Unlike most of the Hoysala temples, this temple does not stand on a platform.

Read more details about Lakshmi Devi Temple of Doddagaddavalli here

temples of karnataka doddagaddavalli

The temple is partially surrounded by the lake. This is the place for most of the common daily activities of the villagers. 

lake doddagaddavalli karnataka tourism

lake Doddagaddavalli

sunset Temples of karnataka

KSTDC Shanthala Mayura Hotel, Halebeedu

Return back to Halebeedu and spend the night at KSTDC Mayura hotel with the onward plan and map for the next day. At this point we realize that Doddagaddavalli was to be in the last part of our route, but it got sneaked in on the first day schedule.

KSTDC Shanthala Mayura is a decent place to stay. It has all the basic needs and is clean. It is not one of those kinds of luxury resorts. A night stay at Halebeedu can avoid you spending half a day in driving all the way from Hassan or Chickamagalur. 

Hoysala Temple Tour - Day 1 Route Map.

Hoysala Temples covered on Day 1 
1. Chennakeshava Temple, Belur
2. Veeranarayana Temple, Belavadi
3. Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli

temple of karnataka tourism

More details to come. Stay tuned.

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