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Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Pinking of You Review & Swatches

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Pinking of You. Straight away to the product review. :)

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick

The Benefit full finish and Benefit silky finish lipsticks have a kind of similar package tube. The shiny black with white pattern twirling like design at one end. The outer cover is too innovative with that beauty lady card and a lipstick slogan printed on the other side.

Benefit Lipstick

The Pinking of You is a bright and mild type of color. It looks fluorescent at times with loads of swipes. But at the same time with mild application it is a flush of natural looking pink of the lips. As if your lips are healthy naturally. I like the light hand application.

Benefit Full Finish Pinking of You

The shade is mostly filled with shimmers. They are not chunky and not too glittery either.
It is kind of white silvery shimmers. They don’t tend to make the lips dry.

Pinking of You Benefit Lipstick

It is creamy, soft and smooth to apply on lips. The color comes on easily in only 2 swipes on the lips. Subsequent application makes the layers on the lips a little clumsy. I don’t face this mostly because I don’t go beyond 2 swipes. If you want the real brightest of the pink then you will have to bear the clumsiness it give on the lips.

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Pinking of You swatch

Benefit Lipstick swatches Pinking of You

Staying power: 
Easily for 5 hours without any color fading. Even the shimmers are there. But with extended hours the lipstick gets clogged in the fine lines. Even the slightest dryness or flaky, the lipstick gets stuck at places. If you have extremely smooth and non-chapped lips then you will rock this lipstick.

Benefit Pinking of You

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: Mine came from overseas. Benefit Full Finish Lipstick is priced at Rs. 1711 at jungle.com.

Pros of Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Pinking of You:
  • The amazingly beautiful color of pink.
  • The silver shimmers give extra beauty.
  • Soft and creamy that glides easily on the lips.
  • Good staying power.
  • Does not dry the lips.
  • Color comes out in just light hand 2 applications.
Cons of Pros of Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Pinking of You:
  • More swipes of lipstick makes the lips feel heavy and clumsy.
  • With prolonged staying power, it gets clogged into the fine lines.
  • Does not suit dry lips as it gets stuck and clumped to the flakes.
  • Compulsory needs lip exfoliation before using this lipstick.

Recommendation: Overall, this lipstick only rocks in terms of the beautiful pink shade. Like most shimmery lipstick, it does not dry the lips. But texture wise, it is not too good. I do not like it on my lightly dry lips.

Though not a great quality lipstick I feel using this again and again because of the beautiful pink color.

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