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Board Books for Babies (10 months+)

Books become any one’s best friend very easily. It is easy with kids and babies too. They give the whole world of knowledge, the simplest of its kinds. Book is one of the best baby gift. You can adopt few ideas of making personalized story books yourself and this is a perfect personalized baby gifts

When babies get the grip to hold things books are the best way to keep them interested. It provides a lot of information for the curious young brain. Card board books are made suitable for babies. A babies first books are one of those kinds that do not tear or get folded easily. They are made perfect for the clumsy handling of the tiny hands. 

These cardboard baby book pages can be easily wiped cleaned too.

Board Books for Babies

We bought a few of these baby books which show colors, daily activities, vegetables, numbers and similar types from Sapna Book House in the city.

Board Books for Babies

Vegetables and fruit books are very interesting because babies at the age of 10 months+ would begin to recognize most of the things that they come across every day.

Daily activities like combing hair, brushing teeth, taking bath, washing hands, drinking milk, all these are the best way to make your baby follow the routine too. It becomes easy to make the baby agree to do the daily routine. 

Reading books for kids or babies keeps them engrossed in the book world.

I am listing a few good ones to buy books from flipkart.com. Flipkart is a place where you can find huge options for baby gifts. There are so many cute baby gifts. Especially if you are searching gifts for baby girls, then it is a great enjoyment to shop. 

I have my top picks of the books from flipkart. If you have bought any of these baby books, then let me know how do you feel about these.

Head, Shoulder, knees and Toes...
Price: Rs.324 Buy here.


Where is Baby’s Belly Button?
Price: Rs.389 Buy here.


My first Board Book Shapes Small Size
Price: Rs.135 Buy here.


15 Lift the Flap – I Love Colors
Price: Rs.275 Buy here.


Do you have any more ideas of keeping your little one engrossed in a good job? I am finding it very hard to keep him entertained these days.

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