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Healthy Weight Loss Corgette Salad

As a mom, as a wife, it is my duty to always look for healthy food options. And when it comes to healthy foods for kids, I have to even more alert about healthy eating plans. I try my best to follow a chart of healthy food. A healthy food plan is not really difficult. It is a little creativity and innovation in the choice of flavours that you add. Salad ideas are always welcome. Vegetable salad always makes a easy healthy diet.

corgette healthy eating diet salad

If you are looking for healthy vegetarian salads, then there are varieties to try; healthy spinach salads, healthy bean salad recipes, healthy potato salad, healthy fruit salad, the list is huge if I go on like this.
Today I tried a healthy easy salad recipes from Corgettes and Carrots.

Corgettes are a little similar to look like cucumber. The outer peel is the difference. It is mostly dark green or yellow. Corgette though considered a vegetable, it is actually a fruit. These are not a major part of Indian dishes. But they are an integral taste of foreign dishes.

I happened to read a very informative article on TIO about corgettes, Why you should eat zucchini, see here.  Corgettes are also called Zucchini.

I have not tried cooking them. But raw was the best way to consume corgettes, I felt so. If you are looking for a healthy weight loss recipes then you have definitely try this.


  • Freshly picked Corgette,
  • fresh carrot,
  • lemon juice, salt,
  • flavouring spices of your choice. I have picked up pepper powder, cinnamon powder, dried basil leaves.

healthy weight loss corgette salad

Corgette and Carrot healthy easy salad recipes:

  • Finely chop the corgette.
  • Peel and grate the carrot.
  • Squueze lemon juice to the chopped corgette and grated carrot.
  • Add salt, pepper, cinnamon, and dried basil leaves. You can add any more flavouring spices of your choice.

corgette healthy eating diet salad

  • Mix well.
  • Optionally serve with yogurt mixed in. Yogurt remonds me greek yogurt. I have a plan about this greek yogurt thing. Let us see how it goes. I will reveal soon. :)
Here is your healthy eating diet salad. This is one of the best healthy food to eat.
What is your opinion about all salad diet?

healthy food corgette & carrot

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