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Labello Angel Star Lip Balm Review

I have reviewed the Labello Fruity Shine Cherry Lip balm. Today I will be reviewing another Labello Lip balm, Labello Angel Star Lip Balm.

Labello Angel Star Lip Balm

Claims of Labello Angel Star Lip Balm:

Do you want a pretty, moisturised lips? Be pretty in pink in the ultra-shimmering, deeply moisturising Angelstar balm. It leaves a silky smooth finish on the lips and the exotic, sweet scent is irresistible to kiss. Advanced UV protection with SPF 10 helps prevent damage from UVA and UVB rays Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Ingredients:  Ultra brilliant shimmering particles, SPF 10

Labello Angel Star Lip Balm

Apply as desired or needed to nourish and moisturise normal to dry lips with ultra shimmer, a touch of pale, buildable colour and sweetly exotic scent.

My Experience With Labello Angel Star Lip Balm:

Package: Package is similar to the Labello Fruity Shine lip balm, more like a lipstick. Not at all messy and the packing is hygiene too. The colour of the outer cap is soft pink colour which is eye catching.

Labello Angel Star Lip Balm

Nature:  The texture is creamier than the Labello fruity shine cherry, you can make out in the picture. The colour of the lip balm in the stick appears to be of rose bud. Yes it spreads the same colour to the lips but it has lots of shimmers. The shimmers are so much that they hide the beautiful pink giving a glossy effectL. These heavy shimmers are one my hatreds when it comes to lip balms and lipsticks. Even if you swipe once, the glitters do not reduce. Swiping twice or thrice gives you so much of shine that it almost make your lips look silvery. I rarely use it because of this quality.

Labello Angel Star Lip Balm

Quality wise it has no complaints, the balm helps making your lips smoother and moisturised. Also it has no waxy or heavy feeling. It stays well for 3 hours and retains the hydration even after the balm fades away. Also it has spf 10 to protect from UV rays. The glitters lighten while fading and this gives a descent pink colour.

As it has heavy shine it will not be a good choice as a base for lipsticks. 

Fragrance: Sweet scent

Pros of Labello Angel Star Lip Balm:
  • Hygiene pack
  • Travel friendly
  • Has SPF 10
  • Moisturises well
  • Good for dried lips
Cons of Labello Angel Star Lip Balm:
  • Heavy shine lip balm
  • Availability is a great problem.
Rating: 4/5
Recommendation: The nature of the lip balm is superb, but the shiny colour which it spreads made me really unhappy.

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