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Thomas Sabo Designer Jewelleries

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Strolling on the streets filled with all sorts of stores can be so much fun. You don’t have to buy anything. Just watch all the pretty things that are on display and capture (read share on the blog :P.)
This is what I did last weekend. And which lady on earth would avoid jewelleries.

I admired every sparkling and colourful thing that was displayed to the outer world.

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Collection

Thomas Sabo stands for charms, watches, jeweleries. Thomas Sabo is one of the leading jewellery designer brands which provides a wide range of jeweleries. 

Their rings are beautiful. Not just rings, the charm bracelets, the necklaces, the watches all hold the unique beauty.

KARMA BEADS is the new collection of Thomas Sabo. There are stunning jewellery pieces that hold the ‘Wheel of Karma’. 

Thomas Sabo Karma Collection

Karma originates from Sanskrit and means ‘action’ or ‘deed’. The ‘Wheel of Karma’ concentrates – as a magical pendant – all goodness inside – from the official site.

Thomas Sabo new collection displays Wheel of Karma pendants and bracelets, Karma Beads ear hoops, Karma Beads bracelets, Karma Beads chain.

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads

Thomas Sabo Rebel At Heart Collection

This is one collection I got so excited with. This collection involves skulls, rebel love knot, crosses and anchors, mystic animal which look like (dragons and serpents), rebel karma beads (which are beads of skulls or crosses or anchors)

Thomas Sabo Rebel At Heart Collection

Thomas Sabo Skull Ring

When I saw this Rebel At Heart collection, especially the skull finger ring, I remembered that a close friend of mine had gifted me a skull ring. I was baffled when she had gifted me. But it was a gift, so silently smilingly had accepted it. But never used. Over passing time I had preserved it some where with other valuables. Now, I want to sport it and I cannot find it. 

What contradicting situations in life.

If at all to my luck I find it, I will definitely share it here.:) I am searching for it like a crazy lady. I need wishes for my skull ring searching mission J.

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