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Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick Good to Go Review & Swatches

Of all the 6 Benefit lipsticks, Good to go is my favourite. I am sure I will finish this up very soon.

Good to Go Benefit Lipstick

Package: I adore the tiny card that comes along with the lipstick.

Gabbi says “Pretty is as pretty does, has done and will do.”
So cute, so bold, so confident, so dashing, oh boy!!! everything gorgeous.

Benefit Good to Go

I can never throw the outer carton of these lipsticks. They are so drool worthy. The tube is a black circular one, typical lipstick one.

Benefit Silky Finish Good to Go

Shade: Good to go is a neutral brown with some amount of peach mixed. The perfect shade for all season, all occasion, all the time, throughout life.... I am exaggerating a lot today. Please excuse me. :)

Nature: The lipstick is very creamy. The soft lip butter like texture makes this lipstick to be the best of lipsticks. It does not get clogged nor does it bleed around the lips. It glides easily on the lips without getting clumped.

Benefit Siky Finish Lipstick Good To Go

Shimmers: This is a non-shimmery shade. That adds more value from my side. Shimmers are usually bothering.

Staying Power: It stays for a good 5 hours on me. But with eating in between the pigmentation fades.

Benefit Lipstick Good to Go Swatches

Price: On the official site, it is priced at $18. Some Benefit cosmetics are available on strawberry.net. Or your can even try shopmania.in

Rating: 5/5, yes, no complaints at all.

Benefit Good to Go Swatch

Pros of Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick Good to Go:
  • Creamy texture of the lipsticks.
  • Good to go is a beautiful color suitable for every occasion.
  • No shimmers.
  • Attractive outer cover.
  • Good staying power.
  • Non drying texture.
Cons of Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick Good to Go:
  • Benefit cosmetics are not easily available in India.
Recommendation: Yes, Benefit lipsticks are must have according to me. Especially Good to go is strictly mandatory. :P.

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