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BSA Baby Walker Review

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It gives more pleasure to enter Baby stores searching for Baby accessories and shopping everything that makes my Baby smile. So happy and excited you and your baby feels when you buy something new for him J

Let me tell you the story behind this BSA Walker J. To my knowledge walkers are usually bought for the babies who slow down in walking and help them learn to walk. I never had a plan to buy a walker for my baby as my son had his activities perfectly done in the right age.  

BSA Baby Walker

One day I had a visit to a baby store and my naughty sons eyes fell on this walker. It had music too , playing some rhymes. My baby was about 8 months old and too excited looking at the walkers started to jump on it J. I slowly made him sit on it and the funniest part is he started running the entire shop with the walker. I and my husband had no other choice except to buy it home.

Here is the Picture of it, BSA Walker

It costs around Rs 1550.

The walker had a wide base and a wide space to for resting of tiny hands. There it had 3 buttons which played 3 different rhymes.

BSA Baby Walker

Let me list out the points to be kept in mind when you shop a walker for your baby.

  • Walkers should not be bought until your baby stands by himself.
  • And also once the babies height increases , he should not be kept in the walker  because your baby feels tied up and also the base of the walker will hurt him.
  • There should be atleast  4 strong wheels. Test it well before you buy because there are chances of wheels breaking off when your baby drives fast.
  • All the edges and ends especially near the chests should be smooth and curvy. Do not go for sharp edges, it might hurt your baby.
BSA Baby Walker
  • The seat provided at the centre should be of cushion material so that it won’t harm the areas joining the thighs.
  • The seat area should be strong as to weigh your child’s weight. Breakage of seat will badly hurt your baby if he is in the sitting position.
  • The area of the base should be wide enough to avoid your baby hitting the wall.

BSA Baby Walker

These were the point I pondered while choosing a Baby walker, but I was not happy with the seat. It was of cushion material and strong enough. But one end of it was fixed with three buttoned holes which sometimes seemed to detach.

BSA Baby Walker

Look at the 3 buttons of the seat detaching in the above picture.

My baby had a nice good time with his walker. He used it almost for about 45 days and now it is filled with dust and locked up in cupboard.

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Till then Stay Happy!

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