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Carrot and & Palm Dates Health Smoothies Recipe

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Today is the turn of carrot and dates to get blended into a smoothie. Or I better call it carrot juice milk shake. Read more smoothie recipes here and here

carrot+energy smoothie recipes

Carrots are one of the first foods of babies. Dates are a healthy option too. Why only babies!! In the excuse of making smoothies and milk shakes for my baby I usually make more than required for his appetite. We all get a share of healthy foods for diets. With baby at home we usually get good foods for diets.

health nutition of palm dates

Benefits of Carrots will be a huge list if I begin to mention. Have you tried baby carrots? There are more delicious, easy to munch raw, very juicy and look very cute. The composing of this article reminds me that I am yet to explore about baby carrots nutrition, the facts about its growth and there is something to know about baby carrots and chlorine.

Benefits of Carrots

So, back to one of the best energy smoothie recipes.

You will need

One medium sized carrot, 3-4 large ripe soft dates, 4-5 whole black pepper corn, milk and sugar as your need.

Carrot and Dates Health Smoothies Recipe

Chop carrot into rough small pieces. Boil the carrot pieces.

Let the carrot cool down.
If you are using whole dates with seeds then you will have to separate out the seed.
Add boiled carrot pieces, deseeded dates, pepper, milk and sugar into the blender jar.
Blend everything in to a smooth paste. Add more sugar and milk if needed to bring to your preferred consistency.

dates+Health Smoothies Recipe

Give the baby slightly warm and for adults chill the drink.

So, there it is healthy easy to make smoothies.

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