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Sambar Balli (Indian Borage) Chutney Recipe

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Before the winter arrives we will be ready with the moisturisers, lip balms , hair oils , foot scrubs and all the skin care products also home remdies for our beautiful skin.
But do we think of winter attacking our health? We medicate ourselves after catching cold and fever, but never prevent them :).  According to me , including health oriented diet is the best way.

So today I have a chutney recipe prepared from sambar balli (Indian Borage) or dodda patre which is a medicinal herb grown in every garden and pots and main ingredient in nature science. Its medicinal value is similar to Tulsi( Holy Basil). It is the best food for cold weather keeping you warm to tackle from cold.

This chutney or its thampu hulli included in your diet twice a week in winters, will keep you healthy and resists against germs.

Sambar balli or Indian Borage Leaves + Medicinal value of tulsi

5 to 6 Sambar balli leaves( Indian Borage)
Urad dal
Red chillies
Curry leaves
Cooking oil
One bowl Grated coconut


Clean sambar balli leaves and cut them into pieces. You can simply cut them using finger tips.

Take a deep pan and add a spoon of cooking oil. Fry these leaves in low flame till the colour fades.

Sambar balli or Indian Borage chutney + south indian recipes

Remove the fried leaves and keep it aside. Now to the same pan, add 2 spoons of urad dal, 2 red chillies and curry leaves. Fry till the urad dal changes to golden brown.

Sambar balli or Indian Borage chutney + South Indian idli vada

Now take a mixer jar , add grated coconut, fried leaves, fried ingredients in pan, tamarind and salt to taste.

Add half cup of water to the jar and grind to fine paste.

Sambar balli or Indian Borage chutney + easy snacks

Sambar balli or Indian Borage chutney is ready.

Serve this chutney with hot rice.

Sambar balli or Indian Borage chutney + 5 minutes Recipes

The chutney is tasty and does not make you feel like a medicine even though it is. 

I have few baby care tips from these leaves, will share with you all in the upcoming posts.

Till then stay Happy!

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