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Masala Stuffed Bitter Gourd Recipe (Karela Bartha)

I have already shared many Bitter gourd recipes where the bitter is hidden from it making them delicious. Stuffed Bitter gourd or karela bhartha , a famous North Indian Cuisine, the stuffing is usually a mixture of onion and garlic’s along with red chillies. 

My mother in law has her own delicious recipe of stuffed Bittergourd or karela bhartha. The look itself makes your tongue water
.  :)

Go through the recipe of yummy and crispy Masala Stuffed bittergourd. 

Masala Stuffed Bittergourd ( Karela bartha)

3 to 4 small thin bittergourds.
Two spoons of coriander seeds
One spoon jeera
Half spoon Methi
2 to 3 red chillies
Curry leaves
One bowl grated coconuts
Jaggery (optional)
Cooking oil
Salt for taste


Wash and clean Bitter gourd. Bitter gourd should be of small sizes. Or you can even chop the big ones into small size (almost the size of your finger).

Masala Stuffed Bittergourd ( Karela bartha)

Seal open the above portion of chopped bitter gourds in this fashion.

Masala Stuffed Bittergourd ( Karela bartha)

This is sealed in such a way so that you can fill masala to the open portion. Do not cut open completely.

Now take a deep pan, add one spoon of cooking oil, coriander seeds, jeera, methi , curry leaves and red chillies.

Masala Stuffed Bittergourd ( Karela bartha)

Take a mixer jar and grind these fried ingredients without adding water to powder them.

Now to the same mixer jar add grated coconuts , tamarind, small piece of jaggery(optional)  , salt and grind them all together to form a spicy masala. It is good if you grind without adding water. If required add not more than half cup of water.

Masala Stuffed Bittergourd ( Karela bartha)

Now to the small sealed bitter gourds stuff the masala neatly.

Masala Stuffed Bittergourd ( Karela bartha)

Now take a deep pan add 3 to 4 spoons of cooking oil and two cups of water. To this boiling water add stuffed bitter gourds. Let it boil in low flame for about 45 minutes.

Add water and oil as and when required.

Masala Stuffed Bittergourd ( Karela bartha)

Once the bitter gourd is softened, add a spoon full of oil and roast it in the same pan for about 10 minutes. 

Roast till the bitter gourd turns brownish. The more it turns brown, tastier and crispy it is.

Masala Stuffed Bittergourd ( Karela bartha)

Once the bitter gourd is crispy turn off the flame.

Masala Stuffed Bitter gourd is ready. Serve with hot rice or yogurt rice.

You can also serve with a combination of chapatti.

Serve it for your family this weekend, the recipe is time consuming but take my words you will not stop licking your fingers.

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