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Bitter Gourd Sweet Tangy Rice Dish( Kayi Rasa in Udupi )

The name of the vegetable Bitter gourd,  itself speaks about its bitterness. But did you know a sweet tangy rice side dish can be prepared from it by vanishing all its bitterness? 


All you require is:

2 to 3 Bitter gourds


3 spoons Urad dal

Half spoon Jeera

2 spoons Corriander

Red Chilli

3 to 4 seeds Methi


4 spoons of coconut grates


Salt for taste.


Wash Bitter gourd and deseed them.


Chop them into small pieces.


Now take a clean vessel, add chopped bitter gourd, tamarind water and jaggery. Boil them all together in a low flame. Do not close the lid of the vessel. The bitterness goes on decreasing when they are boiled with open lid.
Amount of Jaggery should be 3 times the amount of tamarind.

Add water if required, add asafoetida, turmeric and salt to taste.


Let them boil till the bitter gourd softens.

Now take a deep pan, add 3 spoons urad dal and oil and fry till golden brown. Keep aside to cool down.

To the same pan add half spoon jeera, 2 spoon corriander, 3 to 4 seeds of methi and 3 red chillies. Fry them all till golden brown with cooking oil.


Take a mixer jar and grind all fried ingredients including urad dal and grated coconut. Blend to a fine paste using water.


Once the Bitter gourd is softened add the grinded masala to the boiling vessel. Boil for 2 minutes and switch off the flame.



Bitter Gourd Sweet Tangy Rice Dish is ready to serve.

Serve with Hot rice .
The dish comes out to be so sweet and tangy that you will be surprised which vegetable you have used :) 

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