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Patanjali Beauty Cream Review

My mother in law has been using the good old Lacto Calmine and Fair and Lovely for decades. I simply gave her a choice for using this Patanjali Ayurvedic Beauty Cream as almost all the Patanjali items have impressed me :).

Along with her, I too used it for sometime, and here I present the review of it.


Price and Quantity: Rs 70 for 50g

Shelf Life: 24 months




My experience with Patanjali Beauty Cream:

Package: The cream comes in a white coloured fibrous standard looking tube. It has a round screwing cap with its mouth sealed in foil paper. The tube is filled fully with the cream. There is no air or empty space within to increase the weight.


Nature: The cream is wheatish in colour. It looks like of thick consistent, but is watery and smooth when touched. The cream spreads easily without forming any white casts. As it spreads easily , a small amount is sufficient.


The cream gives a glowing look when applied. It does not feel sticky, but when you rub your skin your fingers will find a layer of shine. You can feel the cream on your skin. That is one thing which I do not like.

Regular usage of Patanjali Beauty Cream reduces the skin imperfections.


I usually do not use any fairness creams, my take is just on light weight moisturizers and sunscreens.

Pros of Patanjali Beauty Cream:

·          A purely ayurvedic product
·          Makes your face glowing
·          No white casts
·          Spreads easily and neatly
·          Economical price

Cons of Patanjali Beauty Cream:

Heavy feel if the cream on the skin. 
Does not show the stickiness n skin, but can be felt to some extent.

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: The fairness cream which I have come across is Garnier Light fairness cream and Himalaya fairness cream. This product is better than both.

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