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Lotus Herbals Safe Sun, Sun Block Cream Review

Sunscreens was the one which I never used during my college and working days. But now I feel the use of it in this city. So I tried this sunshield for a guess.


Claims of Lotus Herbals Safe Sun, Sun Block Cream:
Lotus Herbals is well known for its range of sun care products. It contains PARSOL¨ 1789 and black plum extract for complete protection against the harmful UVA & UVB rays, preventing skin from tanning and ageing. This exceptionally effective sunscreen cream has been formulated specifically for the Indian summer. Good for all parts of the body, reapply frequently for maximum protection.


Price and Quantity: Rs 275 for 100g 

Shelf Life: 3 years


My Experience With Lotus Herbals Safe Sun, Sun Block Cream:


It comes in a flat orange coloured smooth fibre tube with a flip cap which can be screwed up. The cap sits fit without any leakage.



The cream is thick consistent whitish in colour. I apply to my exposed parts to sun before I walk out. At the first you might feel the white layer above your skin, but do not worry it is just the colour of the cream before it deepens inside your pores. Within no time the cream spreads the entire area without leaving any white patches. Also there is no occurrence of white greese even after hours together.  But remember one thing, rubbing the cream gently is mandatory else there are chances of white deposits.


This cream can be simply applied as a moisturizer because it does not form any layer above the skin.
There is no sweaty sensation , nor it deposited oil at my nose edges and neck. Its sun shield lotion is really appreciable. It contains SPF 30 which acts as a shield from Uv rays.

My skin grows dark pink and itchy all over the exposed parts. I feel  it lot reduced and manageable after using this sun block. My skin remains to be refreshed at sunny too. I do not know whether it works for other minor irritations of skin as I have a clean fair complexion. 


Mild scent, similar to a typical sunscreen lotion.

Pros of Lotus Herbals Safe Sun, Sun Block Cream:
  • Acts as it claims.
  • Good sun shield
  • Has SPF 30 for protection from UV rays.
  • No sticky oily irritations.
  • Easy availability and travel friendly.
Cons of Lotus Herbals Safe Sun, Sun Block Cream:
  • Bit expensive
  • Applying the cream neatly is necessary to avoid white patches.
Rating:  4/5
Recommendation: It is a great sun shield.

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