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A spicy uddina Hittu( Urad dal Flour) : 5 minutes Rice Recipe from Mangalore

Think, you had served a nice breakfast and afternoon you have to attend your friends/relatives party or some function. So there you will have a heavy lunch too.
Now comes the problem, what for dinner? Your hubby is not interested to enter any restaurants or pizza huts nor he wants to fast :(. And you are not interested to stay in the kitchen for hours together preparing  rasams. 
This is what I will be facing almost every weekend :)

So I will always be ready with the 5minutes Spicy Uddina hittu (urad dal flour), a rice side dish along with curd chillies.
This rice side dish has the main ingredient as Urad dal flour , so the dish has been named as                          uddina hittu( urad dal flour) in the local language.



Urad dal flour ( 4 spoons)

One cup Sour curd

Curd chillies

Green chillies



Urad dal and mustard for seasoning

One spoon Oil

Salt for taste.


Preparation time: 5 minutes


Take a clean bowl, Add 4 spoons of Uddina hittu (urad dal flour), green chillies , ginger pieces, Asafoetida, and salt. Crush the green chillies using fingers so that it spreads the spice.
Note that the chillies and salt should be added in more of quantity as one bowl of rice requires just 2 spoons of uddina hittu. 


Now take pan and heat oil. Add mustard and urad dal, let the mustard splitter. 


Add sour curd to the bowl and make a clean paste. The consistency should be maintained thick. Add the fried ingredients to the mixture.


Fry 2 to 3 curd chillies with oil.



Serve Uddina hittu with hot rice and curd chillies.

Urad dal flour can be bought from stores or can be simply grinded at home.

This recipe comes out to be salty spicy and sour. A spoon full of uddina hittu is a great combination with hot rice. There are some class of people in my native who prefer only spicy uddina hittu instead of sambars and rasams.

Try this, this weekend.

Till then stay happy!

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