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Intimate Vitamin E Lotion Review

Another Intimate Body Lotion with extra healing Property for dry skin.


Claims of Intimate Vitamin E Lotion:

Get smoother skin with the help of vitamin E! Intimate lotion is formulated to relieve and heal severely dry skin. Its rich emollients deeply penetrate to help restore vital natural moisture to the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. Plus, each bottle contains 25% more for free. Case includes 12 – 20-oz. bottles of Intimate Vitamin E Extra Healing Lotion.

Shelf Life: 3 years

My Experience With Intimate Vitamin E Lotion:

The package is similar to Intimate Aloe vera Dry Skin BodyLotion, A fibrous White coloured bottle flat bottle with claims written at the back view and has a bluish flip cap. The cap is fixed, you cannot round open the cap.


The cream is white in colour with thick consistent, the cream does not fall off from your fingers easily when you roll them downwards.  One squeeze of the bottle oozes out a small amount of cream. The amount required is not much, just a coin size.


Skin feels watery and hydrated when you massage the lotion over the skin layers. The lotion deepens inside healing dryness and ashes. For about an hour, skin maintains freshness and you can feel the pores breathing healthy. No sticky and greesy features. 

But this lotion evaporates sooner peeling off your skin within an hour. Your skin will come back to its normal dryness state and reapplying is a must. This is not a good choice for the one who stay in air conditions where the lotion dries away quicker. 

My sister whose skin is oily tried this lotion, it acted very well on her. Her hands and fingers remained supple for hours together. No necessity of reapplying for oily skin. 

Mild scent. 

Pros of Intimate Vitamin E Lotion:
  • No sticky features.
  • Enters the pores and repairs dryness.
  • Small amount is sufficient.
Cons of Intimate Vitamin E Lotion:
  • Not good for dry skin, good for oily skin.
  • Peels off immediately.
  • Re applying is needed.
  • Available only in online stores.

I recommend this for those with oily skin than the dry ones.

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