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Bare Denim Ladies Clothing and Fancy Accessories Shopping

This is a flaunting post. :) Yet again, flaunting is the birth right of a lady. There are actually so many birth rights to speak of. :P. Now let us restrict ourselves just to flaunting.

Bare Denim Cloting+clothing women

Fashion Hair accessories+women s fashion

I shopped some T-shirts and jeans may be around 3 months ago (I know that is too long ago.) But I am showing now. What to do! I myself did not have any account of that shopping. I came home that day and dumped the pack in the shelves of my wardrobe. And in due course lot of other stuffs kept pouring in and on these clothes and I totally forgot about this Bare Denim Clothing I had bought.

Don’t get shocked, I have not yet worn these so far. Only wore these at the trial room before my hubs paid the bill. :P.

So, the purchase was from Bare Denim. I like the soft 100% cotton they give. The cotton is so light and makes you feel light too. Carrying a baby and of course his diaper bag demands dressing myself light. So, these are apt for all time wear. 

Bare Denim Ladies Fashion+women’s clothing

The fittings are made perfect and are available in Small to Extra Large sizes.

I picked up 3 T shirts. On one of them I could not miss the large red colored butterfly print. The second one, a red T shirt, had a pretty frill like stitching around the neck line. So, this too had to go into my bag. :P. And I cannot ignore the V-neck style too. :P.

Bare Denim Shirt+ladies clothing

Bare Denim Fashion Wear+clothes for women

Bae Denim T-shirt+women work clothes

I also picked up 2 pants black and a navy blue (that is my version of the color, but they say Indigo I think. Can’t remember. :( ). 

Bare Denim Ladies Wear+women of fashion

And apart from the Bare Denim stuffs, I am also flaunting what I bought last week end. I picked up these fancy fashion accessories – brooch and maang tikka (a traditional head accessory that is worn on the central partition of the hair)

Fashion accessories Brooch+woman fashion

Fancy Sari Brooch+women in fashion

Traditional head accessory+fashion for women

What say about the accessories designs? And wait, these fancy things are all artificial. :P. (No intentions of making them in gold. :P)

Pant costed INR 1400 (each…ofcourse. :) !!!!!!)
T-shirts costed INR 299 (each .........I think so)
And the random artificial fancy accessories costes all in the range of Rs.200 – Rs.300.

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