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Dates Almond Pie

Dry fruits are the richest food having all nutrients for a growing child. A bowl  filled with dates, almonds, raisins and nuts is equal to 2 meals. But until and unless you decorate these fruits and prepare something delicious out of them your kids will not touch it. Here I have a rich pie from dates and almonds. This pie is easy to prepare and comes out to be the sweetest without adding sugar.  More than a pie, this is a healthy energetic drink. 


Ingredients required:

20 dates(Arabian dates is the best)

5 almonds



One spoon Rava


Boiled milk


Before you start with the preparation soak almonds in milk for 2 hours.


Deseed the Dates and remove the skin of soaked almonds and keep aside.

Take a deep pan/kadai and add a spoon full ghee. Let the flame be low.

Add cashews and fry till golden brown. Keep aside the fried cashews.


To the same pan add deseeded dates and fry them with ghee for about 2mins.

Now leave about 5 to 6 dates in the pan and take out the rest of fried dates. Let the fried dates cool down.

Add half cup of water to the pan, let the dates in pan boil for 5mins.


Keep on smashing the boiling dates using a long spoon to form pieces. Switch off the flame after they are mashed up. 

Now take a separate small pan and fry just one spoon of rava with ghee. 

Take a mixer jar and add fried dates, soaked almonds , fried rava and half cup milk for blending.
Blend till it forms a fine paste.


Now take a clean vessel. Add boiled mashed dates, blended paste , one cup boiled milk and just 1 or 2 spoon of sugar to the vessel. Amount of sugar depends on the sweetness of dates.


Let it boil and stir for 5 mins to form the consistency of pie.

Switch off the flame and add fried cashews.


Dates Almonds Pie is ready.

The more you boil, the pie comes out to be thicker. Almonds gives a added flavour and Rava helps in thickening.
The pieces of boiled and mashed dates makes the pie more tastier when you get them to bite. 

Till then stay happy!

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