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Intimate Aloe Vera Dry Skin Lotion Review

This body lotion was gifted to me by my cousin on her return from Singapore. Please go through the review, it is a great product.



Claims of Intimate Aloe Vera Dry Skin Lotion:
“Intimate” Dry Skin Lotion with Aloe Vera has aloe as well as natural essential oils to soothe and relieve dry skin. It also quickly absorbs, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Case includes twelve 16-20oz bottles.



Shelf Life: 3 years

My Experience With Intimate Aloe Vera Dry Skin Lotion:


It comes in a flat elongated fibrous bottle. The fibre is green tinged and has a blue flip cap. The cap is fixed, you cannot screw it. Also there is no fuss about the leakage.




Similar to the bottle, the lotion too has a green tinge to match with the natural aloe. It has thick consistency and the texture is so smooth feels more like a cheese.
The lotion repairs all dryness and scales and the effect lasts throughout the day. Once applied it cools the dried part and the skin feels watery.

One squeeze of the bottle, throws out a thick paste of tiny amount. This is sufficient for the entire body. 


No greesy deposits. Even if you walk out for sun, the lotion does not produce any sweaty feelings or white patches.

This is a great tonic for skin. Something which I liked after using Nivea Body Lotion Whitening cell, is this product.

It has a mild descent smell, but does not match with aloe.

Pros of Intimate Aloe Vera Dry Skin Lotion:

  • Standard package.
  • Very effective for dry skin.
  • Hydrates greatly.
  • The effect stays throughout the day.
  • Mild smell.
  • No allergies.

Cons of Intimate Aloe Vera Dry Skin Lotion:
  • Available only through online stores.
  • It would be nice if the product was available in a small bottle too, for travelling purpose.


Yes, this is a great product. My bottle is not even half empty. I have a long way to think how to get this product again. 

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