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Rangoli Designs

Wishing you all Happy Vijaya Dashami.

This day is celebrated with great importance throughout India in different style and traditions. The destruction of evil is the main message of this day.

Goddess Rangoli Design

Devi/Goddess temples are a must visit on this day. You get to see a lot of decorations around.
Music concerts, Traditional Bharatnatyam Dance, Flowr decorations, Rangoli decorations are a common sight in the temples of Karnataka here.

Traditional Rangoli Designs

I was fortunate to get a glimpse of Rangoli Decorations done at a nearby temple here.

Captured a few neatly and nicely done designs. Worth saving. :).

I loved the way the fire on the diya that has been colored. Bottom red and above yellow gives the real fire effect.

Peacock Rangoli Design

Burning lamp on peacock Rangoli design

The next three designs wins in the color combination department. Beautifully combined.

colorful rangoli design

Rangoli design color combination

Flower Rangoli

The specialty of this one below is the face of the goddess in between the design. There is so much life in the eyes .

Navaratri rangoli designs

flower border rangoli

This one involved so much hard work in terms of coloring. The transition from red to yellow is done so neatly. This is my favorite among all the designs present.

flower and conch rangoli

I liked the circular pattern made of red and yellow.

Circular rangoli

The next two rangolis are simple. But, the unique idea is that, firstly red kumkum is spread around a patch of area. Then over the kumkum, the rangoli is drawn.

rangoli design on red background

rangoli patterns

I hope you enjoyed the images. :)

border designs for rangoli

circular rangoli design for navaratri

white conch traditional angoli

Wishing you all happiness once again.Happy Dasara.

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