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Fruity Breakfast

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Lets make today a Healthy day!

In my previous post I included healthy smoothie for babies. Now a healthy fruity breakfast for your
husband :) .

First thing which we think of when we wake up is our breakfast, next our lunch and lastly the day ends with the dinner. But do we concentrate on the amount of good calories we intake? Is our food nutrient?
No I feel, at least not daily. We simply want the food to be served hot and tasty J. The recipe below, Fruity breakfast is simple and easy, most of them might be aware too. But my point of view is to list out the calories and nutrition this breakfast will provide your family. In this post I have concentrated on the health facts than the tongue taste.


Nutrition chart of Fruity Breakfast:
Milk – 42 calories per 100g
Apple – 52 calories per 100g
Banana – 89 calories per 100g
Orange – 47 calories per 100g
Watermelon – 30 calories per 100g

I have listed the chart to make you all aware of the health benefits of this complete food.complete food.

Any Fresh Fruits ( Apple, Orange, Banana)
Custard powder
Half Litre Milk
Cashews, Almonds, Raisins

Wash and clean the fruits, chop them into small pieces. I usually prefer apples , bananas, orange and watermelon.


Now take half cup milk and add two spoons of custard powder to it. Stir them to make a smooth paste. 


Custard powder is available in different flavors(Vanilla, strawberry, Mango and many more)

Take a deep pan and add remaining milk to it. Add the smooth paste to the pan and boil in low flame for about 10 mins. Add 4 to 5 spoons of sugar. Switch off the flame when the milk thickness.


Allow it to cool. Now take a small pan and fry almonds, cashews and raisins using ghee.


Now to the thickened milk add chopped fruits and fried dry fruits.


Your Fruity Breakfast is ready.

It comes out to be tasty and you will feel fresh throughout the day. Also it is best for the ones who diet.

Easy recipe will make you happy, and tasty healthy food will make your family happy. 
Till then stay Happy!

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